Top Players Operating in the Global Electric Scooter Industry

Published Date : Jan 2023
Author : Pratibha Bhattacharjee
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Global Electric scooter runs on electric power instead of traditional fuel sources. Due to rising pollution levels, stringent emission regulations across various nations, and growing instances of fossil fuel depletion, electric scooters are gaining massive popularity worldwide. 

The prime players influencing the trends of this industry are-  

AllCell Technologies LLC

Market Position or History 

  • In 2022, clean technology leader, Beam Global announced the acquisition of AllCell Technologies LLC.  

Business Overview and Strategy 

The company was established in 2011 with its headquarters located in Illinois, United States. It provides high end energy storage solutions for electric vehicles and other renewable energy-based applications.  It predominantly manufactures long lasting, compact, and light weight lithium-ion batteries.  

It is committed towards contributing to the green planet initiative by developing eco-friendly power solutions mainly for the automotive industry. AllCell Technologies LLC believes that eco-friendly mobility solutions will not only save the time and money of the consumers but will also make a difference to the environment.  

BMW Motorrad 

Market Position or History 

  • In 2021, BMW Motorrad unveiled its revolutionary electric scooter range named BMW CE 04. It ensures net zero emission and is equipped with an 8.9 kWh battery.  

Business Overview and Strategy 

Established in 1923, BMW Motorrad owned by the prominent luxury automotive giant BMW Group.  It has emerged as one of the leading motorcycle brands with its consumer base spread across the globe.  

With time, it also penetrated into the electric bike domain with aim to promote sustainable mobility solutions. It produces a wide range of zero-emission bikes and scooters with a slim energy storage unit. The company intends to become one of the world’s leading electric vehicle makers.  

Boxx Corp.

Market Position or History 

  • In December 2011, Boxx Corp. unveiled its box-shaped electric scooter which measures only about 39 inches.  

Business Overview and Strategy  

The company was established in 1996 and was initially named Digital Emulsion, Inc. Although it was founded in Phoenix, AZ, it later relocated to Austin, Texas in the year 1998. Its wide range of offerings include suspension systems, modular vehicle electronics design, data storage solutions, electric vehicles, and drivetrains, among others.  

It aims to emerge as the pioneer of high-tech innovation, creativity, and education. Boxx Corp. has also announced its mission to promote the adoption of sustainable energy and mobility solutions.  

Gogoro Inc.

Market Position or History 

  • In February 2028, Gogoro Inc. announced the launch of its electric scooter series, the Gogoro 2 Series.  

Business Overview and Strategy  

With its headquarters in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, Gogoro Inc. was established in 2011. Matt Taylor and Horace Luke were the founders of this firm. Its diverse product portfolio includes electric scooters and battery swapping refuelling platforms for urban electric two wheelers. It further provides its vehicular innovation solutions to vehicle makers such as Yamaha, Hero, and e-Ready, among others.  

The company was founded with an aim to promote sustainable energy and mobility solutions among the masses across urban cities. It is presently adopting innovative approaches to make electric mobility easily accessible to the people.  

Honda Motor Co. Ltd.

Market Position or History 

  • In December 2019, Honda Motor Co. Ltd. announced its plans to launch business use electric scooter series named BENLEY e 

Business Overview and Strategy 

Established in 1948, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. It was founded by Takeo Fujisawa and Soichiro Honda. It is a leading manufacturer of power equipment, automobiles, and motorcycles.  

It has also penetrated into the electric vehicle industry and has manufactured various products in this sector. The organization focuses on enhancing the lives of the masses by providing high end and sustainable mobility solutions.  



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