US Bra Market

US Bra Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report

US Bra Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By Product Type(Sports Bra, Nursing Bra, Multi-Way Bra, Adhesive Or Stick-On Bra), By Distribution Channel(Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Specialty Stores, Online Sale), By Raw Material(Cotton, Chiffon, Silk, Satin, Polyester) Based On Region, And Segment Forecasts, 2022 - 2029

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Published Date : Apr 2023
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Analyst Comment, “Availability of various types of product offerings and rising growth of e-commerce industry in the U.S. will intensively results in encouraging growth for bra market creating USD 7,219.5 Million in 2021 in the U.S.”

Executive Summary of US Bra Market

A swirl of fashion and attributes associated with capricious is influencing consumer behavior in the U.S. In an age of diversity, the fashion industry along with choices in bra has seen a momentous shift over the past few years. Manifold brands or companies manufacturing bras have been proliferating in the marketplace for a few years now. To satisfy the shifting of choices for bra among many women in the U.S., large numbers of brands are pouring their money to manufacture new and more comfortable kinds of stuff. They are often branded as being more socially conscious, narcissistic, idealistic, and even more experience-oriented than any of their previous generations. Demand for comfortable bras, nude bras, and eco-friendly bras are intensively increasing among women in the U.S. A staple in each woman's bra wardrobe, nude bras are the most versatile.

As well, comfort and support endure being the top influencers when women choose bras. The lasting at leisure movement obviously expresses that comfort is king for today’s apparel consumers in the U.S. Indeed, poor bra design can make both physical and physiological issues for the human body. As per the analyst of Brandessence Market Research, most of the women thought that bra components such as bra straps, cups, and others cause discomfort. Augmented courtesy to the comfort and fit performance of the bra marks the concern of people regarding perfect bra design. Also, eco-friendly bras are driving the evolution of intimates. The fashion industry has shifted in the previous few decades and consequently reflects consumer trends towards the bra sector as well in the U.S.

One of the casualties during the pandemic was the bra. Women's reliance on real bras has changed the moment pandemic kicked in and staying indoors was the only choice, a 180-degree change in everyday lifestyle. Many women stopped wearing bras during the lockdown which has pessimistically affected the bra market in the U.S. For example, almost one-fourth quarter percentage of the women said that they never or almost never wore a bra during the pandemic. On the other hand, the demand for some of the types of bras which are comfortable has increased along with growing e-commerce and sales regarding bras.

Withal, the rate at which the oversized lingerie segment has grown over the last few years is astounding. Well, it was about 21 billion markets for oversized women's clothing. But now even well-known brands are meeting the demand and taking full advantage of the growing demand around the world. There are several reasons why oversized lingerie is so in demand at HautFlair. The first reason is the demand created by oversized women who have a strong desire to create bras and bras to suit their body shape and size. According to statistics, 1 in 5 women in the United States alone is overweight. With a lingerie segment of nearly 21 billion, it was amazing that it was left unattended. But there were obvious reasons behind it. But nowadays women are advanced, and they leave no stone unturned in speaking out against anything that is important to them. Nowadays women have pushed back the “shame of the body” and classified themselves as curvy rather than overweight. The word overweight is now a thing of the past. HauteFlair Plus Size Bra Market Today is full of sexy plus-size bras, stylish underwear, braces, and everything else like the traditional bra market. Pink and sapphire with sexy lace, oversized bras with strapless are attracting the attention of oversized women around the United States. The variety of products available in the plus-size bra segment have provided much-needed confidence to oversized women who have had to compromise on the unstylish, unconventional underwear worn by their grandmothers. The easy availability of more sized bras has made today's women do not feel ashamed of their bodies and has increased their confidence.

By considering all the points in mind, the many market players are pouring millions into the manufacturing of different types of bras. Top companies in the U.S. such as Hanesbrands Inc., Jockey International Inc., and many more are heavily investing in the bra market. For instance; HanesBrands completed the acquisition of Australian intimate apparel seller Bras N Things on February 13th, 2018. As well, True&Co., an e-commerce company started with the mission of disturbing the lingerie industry by making a new business model for selling bras and other undergarments. Also, the number of other small and mid-sized companies are also leveraging into the U.S. market to maintain their overall cash flow. New innovations in the bra are influencing the U.S. market growth. New measurement and design techniques combined with innovative materials and manufacturing methods are altering the quality, range, and applications of women’s bras. For instance; Bloomer Tech’s smart bra gathers figures on the cardiovascular health of the wearer in the U.S. These innovations, mergers & acquisitions, as well as product launches, are also fostering the growth of the bra market in the U.S. and immensely produced lucrative opportunities in the forecast period.

US Bra Market Key Players:

  • Hanesbrands Inc.
  • L-Brands
  • Victoria's Secret
  • Intimissimi
  • H&M
  • Jockey International Inc.
  • Zivame
  • Gap Inc.
  • Hunkemoller
  • Bare necessities
  • Calvin Klein
  • MAS Holdings
  • Oysho
  • Triumph International Ltd.
  • Lascana
  • Calzedonia
  • Enamor.
  • Shyaway
  • Amante
  • Rosaline

US Bra Market Segmentation:

By Product Type

  • Sports Bra
  • Nursing Bra
  • Multi-Way Bra
  • Adhesive or Stick-On Bra
  • Others

By Distribution Channel

  • Supermarkets
  • Hypermarkets
  • Specialty Stores
  • Online Sale

By Raw Material

  • Cotton
  • Chiffon
  • Silk
  • Satin
  • Polyester

By U.S. Regions

  • U.S. Northeast
  • U.S. Southwest
  • U.S. West
  • U.S. Southeast
  • U.S. Midwest

Market Trends of US Bra Market:

To improve posture and avoid a lot of spine difficulties as well as back pain, bras are hugely used among women. Bras have undergone a transformation and evolution and, nowadays, there are numerous varieties of options from which to choose. From bras to fit diverse sizes and shapes to bras that fit a woman’s lifestyle, there’s something for every woman. As per the study of BrandEssence market research analyst, here are the best from the lot types of bras meeting the requirements of various body types. Some of the major trends of the U.S. bra market are:

T-Shirt Bras:

This style of bra was initially intended to be worn under a T-shirt, henceforth the name T-shirt bra. The smooth and seamless finish promises an invisible look under fitted outfits. That’s why this style is obtainable in a kind of neutral colors. The cups are opaque and either casually padded or lined with a breathable 3D spacer material. They enhance rigidity, and depending on the bust size of women, give a diminished look. These bras are tailored to wear underneath the clingiest clothes and won't display a line and this is one of the major advantages of a T-shirt bra. They are not constantly the 'prettiest' looking bras but are considered for purpose and practicality while proposing top support, lift, and shape with a seam-free look. T-shirt bras are one of the basic bras and a must for each girl and woman out there.

Demi Bras:

Demi bras are whispered as one of the perfect for smaller and securer breasts, showcasing the cleavage and beautiful bosom. These are little cut with smaller coverage and lesser cup size. This advances support from the band and the underwire and creates it twice as significant to select the precise size. These are also known as for entirely body and breast types. A demi bra is also recognized as shelf bra, half bra, balcony bra, or balconette bra is made of cups that cover around half or three-quarters of the bust. These types of bras are ideal for women with rounded breasts since they improve the bust.

Strapless Bras:

Strapless bras are obviously strapless, and all provide the choice of removable straps that can be hooked in for extra support. Strapless bras support women’s busts over an underwire and anti-slip grip lining that retains the bras from slipping, and occasionally a molded cup to save everything in place. Strapless bra must-have to wear under a sleeveless top or dress, these bras deliver outstanding support despite being strapless.

Padded Bras:

The padded bra has been a savior for so numerous motives. It offers a completer look for women with smaller boobs, and in winters, it gives you whole nipple coverage and a complete fuller look. Padded bras can be any bra style, just with extra pads put into every cup. Certain pads are built-in, while others can be suitably slid in and out of an inner sleeve. It’s significant to note that not all padded bras are tailored to create the bust look bigger. Various padding in bras is designed to avoid breasts from sagging and deal with appropriate support for a better-rounded bust. Padded bras are so versatile. Padded bras are plentiful for some women but are remarkably fitting and flattering for women with lesser breast sizes, giving that additional bit of fullness. Soft-padded bras are one of the interesting parts of padded bras which are super soft and comfortable.

Push-up Bras:

A push-up bra gives a boost to the bust over the use of extra padding and angled cups. These angled cups and pads will fundamentally push the breasts inwards and upwards. A push-up bra aids women with a lesser bust line or those whose breasts do not twig high up at the chest. So, the myth those women with larger breasts cannot wear push-ups leftovers is untrue, since it does more than just make them fuller. These are obtainable in each size starting from A to E and come in myriad designs. Meanwhile, most of the push-up bras are wired, validate the underwire is not pinching the skin at the bottom but just warmly fits at the end of the bust line. Later a push-up bra is meant to showcase the cleavage, this work perfectly under low-cut tops and clothes with plunging necklines.

Sports Bras:

Sports bras are tailored for physical activities to decrease breast movement, impact, and strain. Sports bras provide diverse levels of support and coverage, designed to carry out diverse types of activities lighter activities such as yoga only require a light or medium impact sports bra. One of the major benefits of a sports bra is they help to avoid discomfort. Sports bras are also used to reduce breast pain as well as help to prevent nasty stares and drooling faces. A low-impact sports bra is appropriate for hiking or walking, yoga, and a high-impact one is desirable for difficult exercises like running, aerobics, Zumba, etc. The most general sports bra is fundamentally tailored like a tank top with the bottom half cut off. Other designs usage gel and water pads, airbags, and silver fibers. A stitch less bra was made by Wacoal, was compressed, shaped, and molded.

Stick on Bras:

Stick-on bras can deliver an improved lift associated with usual bras. Stick on bras tends to carry breasts together lifting them up. This will provide breasts with a bigger and enhanced look. So, if anyone wants their breasts to look bigger and fuller then opting for stick-on bras is more significant. More basically, stick-on bras are strapless and backless which simply stick to breasts and go totally invisible under the outfits. They are produced with self-adhesive cups that deliver support and shaping deprived of the back band or hooks. However, these silicon pads are adhesive sticks to the body and normally are intact. It gives just sufficient coverage to the nipple, but it’s not like the regular bras.

Underwire Bra:

Underwire Bra is designed for the purpose of offering strength and support to the breasts, these come with an underwire at the bottom of the cup. They were originally made with a reedy wire but currently are also made of plastic and metal. They are meant to round off the shape of the breasts and outline some unwanted bulges. Underwire bra is considered an excellent choice of bra, for many different reasons. However, in order to reap their full benefits of them, the bra wants to be appropriately fitted to confirm that the underwire contours all of the breast tissues.

Convertible Bra:

One of the delightful things regarding convertible bras is that they’re fairly versatile. This bra style has straps that can be accustomed to going straight through every shoulder or crisscrossed at the back to deal a bit more support. They’re also obtainable in a variety of styles, from demi cups to balconettes, and can also provide padding for lesser breast sizes. These bras are excessive for a rapid wardrobe alteration and work beneath both a dress as well as a tank top. They regularly come with certain kinds of strap sets that convert into racerback, halter, strapless, etc.

Wireless Bra:

Wired bras have engaged across the lingerie world. However, wired bras can be rough to deal with; they dig into the skin and poke the breasts continually. Wireless bras are found in different kinds of bra styles–from bralettes to racerbacks to sports bras. Various women desire a wireless bra since they are intended for women looking for extreme comfort and that feeling of freedom. Wireless bras provide extensive varieties that can truthfully be worn under essentially anything. Certain women prefer to wear a wireless bra for a touch of additional support as they lounge everywhere in the house. Wireless bras can deal the same prodigious advantages as a wired bra without wires.

Full Support Bra:

Staying factual to its name, full support bras give thoroughgoing coverage. They come in all fabrics, patterns, and designs, but the unceasing here is the full support these bras give. A full support bra is one of the ideal bras for women who have big or sagging breasts. The most common and unique feature of this type of bra is a high neckline. A full-coverage bra is a type that deals with a supportive fit and provides complete coverage along with shape.

Cupless Bra:

Cupless bras are trending nowadays since it helps a lot of women who are having hard times looking for lingerie and are appropriate for lesser breasts. The choices in cupless bras are bountiful. It delivers only the least breast coverage and only supports a portion below the breast, pushing the breast upward, and the nipple and the areola are being unlocked. Cupless bra enhances the breast look and improves self-confidence. It also appropriates support to the breasts as well as matches with different cloths.

Seamless Bra:

The seamless bra helps women to wear under T-shirts. These types of bras feature cups that are generally enclosed with a sole piece of fabric that is free of seams or stitching. These kinds of bras normally feature a molded cup for shaping and support. Seamless bras are excessive for women who need a bra that will disappear under their clothes. Seamless bras are great to wear under form-fitted clothing, clingy fabrics, like silk or satin, and thin fabrics.

Racerback Bra:

Racerback Bra is appealing self-explanatory. The straps hover about the collarbone and not the arm, unlike the normal bras. And these bridge an enormous gap for dresses, T-shirts, tanks, and tops that have the racer back necklines. The padded ones are more comfortable and opportune throughout high-intensity workouts, either way, this is a bare important. With their exceptional formation, the straps help disperse weight through the whole back, which can release the pressure that big breasts may put on the shoulders, upper back, and neck. As consequence, racerback bras protect the breasts better than the average bra.

Front Open Bra:

Front open bras are precisely offering a front closure either with a single clasp or a row of clasps. There is nothing right or wrong about them, it is a matter of choice and comfort. Women in the late forties and early fifties prefer these over the back open since they seem more convenient to wear these. Particular women desire a front closure for convenience purposes or since they need a specifically intended back such as a T-back or a clear back strap to attire under formal dresses and garments. Front open bras are also fairly versatile when it arises to style, approaching whatever from sports bras to push-up bras.

Transparent Bra:

Bras that arise in a transparent back strap or shoulder bands are fundamentally named transparent bras. Dresses that are deep neck or tops that come in noodle straps or sleeveless, need a transparent bra to wear. Another type of transparent bra is the ones that are made of transparent and flimsy fabrics like satin & lace, which are not padded or wired. This is one of the excellent styles and these bras are prepared of rich lace fabric. These transparent bars are non-padded and derive with modifiable shoulder straps for a snug fit. Most of the transparent bra arises with invisible straps or entire invisible material fabric.

Lace Bra:

Lace is luxurious, and it just feels great to wear the fabric on the body, particularly if it’s lingerie. Lace is also pretty light and considerably more breathable. Between the lift from the seams carrying the breast tissue up off of the skin of the ribs and the more breathable material, the skin will dry of every perspiration further rapidly, which is all the time a good thing.

Halter Bra:

Halter Bra has become a fashion fiesta for females of now era. Halter bra one of the profound used hottest selling articles among women. It’s essentially a kind of strap which keeps women's clothing which appearances a single strap or material which originates from the front of the garment around the back of the wearer's neck. These facilitate most of the wearer's back to being exposed. Halter bras deal alike supports as racer backs, but precisely are intended to be worn with halter styles. The strap goes around the neck and deals decent support deprived of having to devastation the outfit by revealing bra. Most of the convertibles offer a choice of strong strap, cross-over back, or halter neck, so camouflaging those straps is so simple.

Shelf Bra:

A shelf bra is fundamentally a built-in bra laced into the fabric of swimsuit products. It offers further bust support for tops and makes a more slimming silhouette. This is specifically alluring for women with curvier figures who need completer coverage on the top deprived of looking bulky. These bras are not really meant for each day. This shelf bra falls below the lingerie category since different from the regular bras these do not provide nipple coverage. They normally come in fabrics like lace, tulle, and satin that support the complete breast but are transparent near the breast.

Plunge Bra:

A plunge bra features angled cups that support one and requirements while also permitting to display a little skin. Plunge bras generate a deep cleavage in a natural method, so no extra padding to lift the breasts. A plunge bra performs excessively under low cut tops and dresses, due to the low neckline. Plunge bras are obtainable in small cup sizes and medium sizes but are also flawless bras for women with bigger cup sizes

Key Benefits of US Bra Market Report–

  • US Bra Market report covers in-depth historical and forecast analysis.
  • US Bra Market research report provides detail information about Market Introduction, Market Summary, market Revenue (Revenue USD), Market Drivers, Market Restraints, Market Opportunities, Competitive Analysis, Regional and Country Level.
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