Top 5 Health Food Companies Will Change the Food Industry in Upcoming Years

Published Date : Nov 2022
Author : Poonam Gorade
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A healthy food is a diet that improves, maintain, or enhance overall health. Healthy food is an important for excellent health and nutrition: fluid, macronutrients, micronutrients, and adequate food energy. It shields one against several chronic noncommunicable diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Eating a variety of foods and consuming less salt, sugars and saturated and industrially produced trans-fats, are crucial for healthy diet.

Health Food Market is expected to grow with the CAGR of 4.91% over the forecast period.

It includes a combination of various foods which comprises staples like cereals (wheat, barley, rye, maize, or rice) or starchy tubers or roots (potato, yam, taro, or cassava), legumes (lentils and beans), fruit and vegetables, and foods from animal sources (meat, fish, eggs, and milk). Healthy food provides us with the energy required for playing, working, and doing day-to-day events. It facilitates us to develop, creates our bones and muscles strong, repairs broken body cells, and enhances the immunity against external harmful elements. The needs for a healthy diet can be met from a range of plant-based and animal-based foods, even though a non-plant source of vitamin B12 is necessary for those subsequent a vegan diet.

Top 5 Health Food Companies in Global Market 2021.


Nestlé is a Swiss multinational food and drink Company established In 1866 and headquartered at Nestle 55 Ave, Vevey, Vaud, 1800, Switzerland. It is the largest food company in the world, measured by revenue and other metrics. Specialties in  baby food, medical food, bottled water, breakfast cereals, coffee and tea, confectionery, dairy products, ice cream, frozen food, pet foods and snacks. Nestlé Corporation had nearly 273,000 Employees and had revenue of $92 Billion.


Archer Daniels Midland commonly known as ADM is an US Based multinational Company established In 1902 and headquartered at 77 W. Wacker Dr., Chicago, Illinois, 60601, United States. Specialties in food, beverage, nutraceutical, industrial, and animal feed markets worldwide. MDA Corporation had nearly 38,100 Employees and had revenue of $64 Billion.

Danone S.A

Danone S.A is an French Based multinational food processing Company established In 1919 and headquartered at 17 Blvd Haussmann, Paris, Ile-de-France, 75009, France. Specialties in primarily produces dairy products, in addition to Waters, Early Life Nutrition. Danone Corporation had nearly 100,000 Employees and had revenue of $28 Billion.

Mondelez International, Inc.

Mondelez International, Inc. commonly known as Mondel?z is an American multinational Company established In 2000  and headquartered at 905 W Fulton Market, Ste 200, Chicago, Illinois, 60607, United States. Specialties in chocolate, cookies, biscuits, gum, confectionery,  food, holding and beverage, snack food and powdered beverages. Mondelez International, Inc. Corporation had nearly 79,000 Employees and had revenue of $26 Billion.

Kellogg Company

Kellogg Company is an American multinational food manufacturing company established In 1906  and headquartered at 1 Kellogg Square, Battle Creek, Michigan, 49016, United States. Specialties in cereal and convenience foods, including crackers and toaster pastries. Kellogg Corporation had nearly 31,000 Employees and had revenue of $13 Billion.

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