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Published Date : Jan 2023
Author : Poonam Gorade
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An organic fertilizer is a plant fertilizer that is consequent from organic sources. Organic fertilizers vary from organic compost to manure, however they have to be derived from all-organic sources. The use of these nonconventional fertilizers may result in an increased relative economic benefit with respect to the use of conventional fertilizers, in terms of saving fertilizer cost, enhancing nutrient efficiency, or increasing crop yield. Organic farming has potential to provide advantages in terms of environmental protection, conservation of non-renewable resources, improved food quality, reduction in output of extra product and reorientation of agriculture towards the change in market demand. In addition to releasing nutrients, as organic fertilizers break down, they improve the structure of the soil and increase its ability to hold water and nutrients. Organic residues have the advantage over standard NPK fertilizers of adding other nutrients such as Ca, Mg, and micronutrients. They also assist in maintaining soil organic matter. The growth will be driven by increased production of biofuels, food and nutrition security, environmental concerns and organic production.

Organic Fertilizer Market is valued at USD 9.78 Million in 2022 and expected to reach USD 19.63 Million by 2029 with CAGR of 9.1% over the forecast period.

Rapidly Increasing Organic Farming Activities and Growing Awareness About its Benefits are the Major Factors Driving the Growth of Global Organic Fertilizer Market.

Increased organic farming practices and growing awareness about the benefits of using organic fertilizers are the major factors driving the market growth. These are usually made from plant or animal waste or powdered minerals and renewable, biodegradable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. Their major advantages include: balances the soil ecosystem; boosts plant health naturally; they’re all-natural; the process of decomposition requires no chemical intervention; they don’t upset the balance in the soil because they don’t leave behind any artificial compounds and delivers nutrients in a slow, but sustainable rate and prevents over-fertilization. All these advantages are expected to foster the demand for organic fertilizer. In addition, increasing R&D investments in this field and  rising consumer inclination towards healthy food  are also supplementing the market growth. Furthermore, increasing government initiatives for sustainable methods of agriculture globally propel the market growth. However, high cost of the product may hamper the market growth. Moreover, research and development in this field can provide various opportunities for the further growth of the market.

Asia-Pacific is Expected to Witness the Fastest Growth in the Global Organic Fertilizer Market

Asia-pacific is expected to witness the fastest growth in the global organic fertilizers owing to the fact, that the fertilizers for fruits, vegetables, and tea are accounting for about 40% of total fertilizer use in China at the present time, the efforts of China’s government will lead to a total replacement of chemical fertilizers by 20% until 2020. After the demonstration period in 2020, China wants to expand the replacement of chemical fertilizers to the whole country. This would leave to a massive decreasing usage of chemical fertilizers in China. After all, China used 60.32 million tonnes of fertilizers in 2015. China is producing an annual amount of 16 million tonnes of organic fertilizer, only 5 % are effective nutrient. In addition, increasing disposable income and growing awareness regarding the benefits of organic food are also supplementing the market growth in this region.

Organic Fertilizer Companies in Global Market:

Tata Chemicals

Tata Chemicals Limited is an Indian global company established in 1939 and headquarter in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Specialties in Agricultural and farming solutions, R&D in Nanotechnology and Biotechnology, Consumer products, Industrial chemicals, and Nutritional solutions.

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company is an American multinational corporation established in 1868 and headquarter in Marysville, Ohio. Specialties in lawn, garden, grow, marketing, advertising, and promotion

Coromandel International Limited

Coromandel International Limited is an Indian corporation established in 1961 and headquarter in Secunderabad. Specialties in Fertilisers | Speciality Nutrients | Crop Protection | Retail.

National Fertilizers Limited

National Fertilizers Limited – Miniratna company established in 1974 and headquarter in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Specialties in chemicals & Fertilizers, Ammonia-Urea, DAP, MoP, NPK, Bentonite Sulphur, Seeds, Agro Chemicals, Industrial Products, Compost, and Technicle Consultancy.

Krishak Bharati Co-operative Limited

Krishak Bharati Co-operative Limited established in 1980 and headquarter in Delhi, India. Specialties in Urea, DAP, NPK, MOP, SSP, Zinc Sulphate, Bio-Fertilizers, Certified Seed, Compost, Hybrid Seeds, BT Cotton etc. KRIBHCO.

Midwestern BioAg

Midwestern BioAg established in 1983 and headquarter in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin. Specialties in Agronomy, Nutrition, and Fertilizer.

Italpollina, Hello Nature

Italpollina, Hello Nature established in 1971 and headquarter in Rivoli Veronese, Verona. Specialties in Production of organic and organic mineral fertilizers, Natural plant biostimulants, Vegetal protein hydrolysates, Biological seed inoculants, and Beneficial microbials.


ILSA S.p.A. established in 1956 and headquarter in Arzignano, VI. Specialties in Biostimulants, Organic fertilizers, Plant nutrition, NPK, Fertigation products, Foliar application products, Enzymatic Hydrolysate, Triacontanol, Supercritical Fluid Extraction, and Export and import.

Sustane Natural Fertilizer, Inc.

Sustane Natural Fertilizer, Inc. Established in 1987 and headquarter in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. Specialties in Organic Fertilizers, Soil Builders, Slow Release Nitrogen, Biologicals, organic, natural, custom fertilizer blending, international organic fertilizer distribution, organic agriculture, organic farming, organic sports turf, organic golf turf, organic greenhouse and nursery, organic erosion control, organic cannabis, medical cannabis, cannabis, organic lawn and garden, retail organic fertilizers, and organic and natural fertilizers.

BioStar Organics

BioStar Organics headquarter in Overland Park, KS. Specialties in Site Surveys, Organic Fertilizer, Waste-to-Energy, Project Development, Joint Ventures, BioStar Licensing, Project Management, Design & Engineering, Construction Management, Operator Training, Process Commissioning, Facility Start-up, Operations, Ongoing Support, and Biogas.

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