Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Market

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By Drug (Cialis, Stendra/Spedra, Staxyn/Levitra, Viagra), By Distribution Channel (Hospital Pharmacies, Online Pharmacies, Retail Pharmacies), Based On Region, And Segment Forecasts, 2022 - 2028

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Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Market is valued at USD 2319.8 Million in 2021 and expected to reach USD 4079.9 Million by 2028 with a CAGR of 8.4% over the forecast period. 

Global Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Market: Global Size, Trends, Competitive, Historical & Forecast Analysis, 2022-2028: Increasing number of erectile dysfunctions, rising geriatric population, and growing number of chronic diseases are some of the major factors driving the growth of the Global Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Market. 

Scope of Global Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Market Report- 

Sildenafil (Viagra), vardenafil (Levitra, Staxyn), tadalafil (Cialis), and avanafil (Stendra) are oral medications that reverse erectile dysfunction by increasing the effects of nitric oxide, a natural chemical your body produces, that relaxes the muscles in the penis. Erectile dysfunction is generally an age-related condition but can also be caused by psychological factors. Cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, blockage of blood vessels, diabetes, hormonal insufficiency, chronic kidney disease, multiple sclerosis, male genital, bladder, and abdominal injuries, and neurological problems are common factors that can cause erectile dysfunction. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has negatively impacted the growth of the global erectile dysfunction drugs market. Emmanuel A. The research, led by Giannini, MD, professor of endocrinology and medical sexology at the University of Rome Tor Vergata in Rome, Italy, was published in March 2020 in the journal Andrology. Covid-19 is five times more common in men with ED. The estimated risk of developing ED was 5.66 times higher among men with a history of Covid-19. Thus, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the erectile dysfunction drugs market. However, Due to the increasing prevalence of erectile dysfunction during the Covid-19 pandemic, the global erectile dysfunction drugs market is expected to multiply during the forecast period. 

The global erectile dysfunction drugs market is segmented on the product, distribution channel and region & country level. Based on product, the global erectile dysfunction drugs market is segmented into cialis, stendra/spedra, staxyn/levitra, viagra, and others. By distribution channel, the global erectile dysfunction drugs market is segmented into hospital pharmacies, online pharmacies, and retail pharmacies.  

The regions covered in the global erectile dysfunction drugs market report are North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and the rest of the World. Based on country level, the market of global erectile dysfunction drugs is sub divided into U.S., Mexico, Canada, U.K., France, Germany, China, Italy, India, Japan, Southeast Asia, Middle East Asia (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt) GCC, Africa, etc. 

Key Players of Global Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Market Report- 

Some major key players for the global erectile dysfunction drugs market report cover prominent players like Pfizer, Inc., Meda Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Dong-A ST Co., Ltd., SK Chemicals, Eli Lilly & CompanyBayer AG, Cristalia Produtos Quimicos Farmaceuticos Ltda. Apricus Biosciences, Inc., Vivus, Inc., Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Futura Medical plcand others.  

Report Analysis Details
Historical data 2018 - 2021
Forecast Period 2022 - 2028
Market Size in 2021: USD 2319.8 Million 
Base year considered 2021
Forecast Period CAGR %:


Market Size Expected in 2028: USD 4079.9 Million 
Tables, Charts & Figures: 175
Pages 200
Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Players Pfizer, Inc., Meda Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Dong-A ST Co., Ltd., SK Chemicals, Eli Lilly & Company, Bayer AG, Cristalia Produtos Quimicos Farmaceuticos Ltda. Apricus Biosciences, Inc., Vivus, Inc., Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Futura Medical plcand others.  
Segments Covered By Drug, By Distribution Channel
Regional Analysis North America, U.S., Mexico, Canada, Europe, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Asia Pacific, China, Japan, India, Southeast Asia, South America, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, The Middle East and Africa, GCC, Africa, Rest of the Middle East and Africa



Petros Pharmaceuticals Launched Two Self-Selection Studies for Erectile Dysfunction Drug STENDRA (avanafil) 

On January 18th, 2022; Petros Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a leading provider of therapeutics for men's health, initiated two self-selection studies for its erectile dysfunction (ED) drug STENDRA (avanafil). The results of these studies lead to potential over-the-counter (OTC) status for STENDRA (avanafil) in the U.S. It is part of a more comprehensive data package the company plans to submit to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

Increasing Number of Erectile Dysfunctions, Rising Geriatric Population, and Growing Number of Chronic Diseases are Some of the Major Factors Driving the Market Growth  

One of the major factors driving the growth of the erectile dysfunction drug market is the increasing number of erectile dysfunctions (ED). Due to the increase in adopting a poor lifestyle, diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases are on the rise, leading to problems like ED as people age. The current lifestyle of young people in many emerging countries is very stressful, resulting in increased consumption of alcohol, smoking, and fast food or prepared food. Due to these factors, overall health and fitness are compromised which increases the chances of ED. Moreover, as the elderly population increases, so does the number of ED patients, which is a significant driver of the global erectile dysfunction drugs market throughout the forecast period. For instance; according to Johns Hopkins Medicine, by 2025, the prevalence of ED is estimated to be approximately 322 million worldwide. 

In addition, the rising geriatric population is also supplementing the growth of the erectile dysfunction drugs market. An erection mainly involves blood vessels and the most common causes of erectile dysfunction in older men are conditions that block blood flow to the penis. These include hardening of the arteries and diabetes. Some parts of the world, such as China and Japan, are facing a unique crisis. The population of senior citizens is increasing rapidly in these countries. This is a serious one; the healthcare industry itself is indicative as demand for the products will be high across all healthcare markets in these sectors. Consequently, the global erectile dysfunction drug market is also expected to benefit from this trend. For instance; according to The United Nation, in 2019, they were 703 million people in the world aged 65 years. By 2050, the geriatric population is projected to double to 1.5 billion.  

Moreover, the growing number of chronic diseases is also augumenting the erectile dysfunction drugs market growth. Erectile dysfunction is mainly caused by chronic diseases caused by a sedentary lifestyle such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. For example; according to the Center for Disease Control Gov., on September 17th, 2020; 51.8% of US adults had at least one chronic condition, and 27.2% had multiple chronic conditions. Prevalence of chronic diseases increases the chances of erectile dysfunction in men, thereby increasing the market for erectile dysfunction drugs. 

However, the low awareness and side effects associated with erectile dysfunction drugs may hinder the growth of the global erectile dysfunction drugs market. Despite that, increasing pharmaceutical manufacturing may create more opportunities for the further growth of the global erectile dysfunction drugs market. 

North America Holds a Major Share in the Global Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Market  

Geographically, North America is expected to capture a major share in the global erectile dysfunction drugs market within the forecast period due to the increasing number of ED cases, rising geriatric population, and higher consumption of recreational drugs in this region. An increasing number of ED cases is driving the growth of the market. For instance; according to the Cleveland Clinic, on October 14th, 2019; it is estimated that one in 10 adult men suffer from ED on a chronic basis. In addition, the rising geriatric population is another factor supplementing the market growth in this region. For example; according to Rural Health Information Hub, on April 6th, 2019; there were 46 million people aged 65 in the US. The number of geriatric populations is projected to double to 90 million by 2050. 

The Asia Pacific is the fastest-growing region in the global erectile dysfunction drugs market due to increasing research facilities, rising geriatric population, and the presence of low-cost skilled labor in this region. For instance; according to ageing Asia, in 2019, they were 139 million people aged 65 in India. 

Global Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Market Segmentation:

By Drug

  • Cialis 
  • Stendra/Spedra 
  • Staxyn/Levitra
  • Viagra
  • Others 

By Distribution Channel

  • Hospital Pharmacies 
  • Online Pharmacies
  • Retail Pharmacies 

By Region Analysis

North America

  • U.S.
  • Canada


  • Germany
  • France
  • U.K.
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Netherland
  • Turkey
  • Switzerland
  • Belgium
  • Rest of Europe


  • China
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • India
  • Australia
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Rest Of APAC

Latin America

  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • Argentina
  • Peru
  • Rest of South America

Middle East and Africa

  • Saudi Arabia
  • UAE
  • Egypt
  • South Africa
  • Rest Of MEA

Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Market Key players:

  • Pfizer, Inc.
  • Meda Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Dong-A ST Co., Ltd.
  • SK Chemicals
  • Eli Lilly & Company
  • Bayer AG
  • Cristalia Produtos Quimicos Farmaceuticos Ltda.
  • Apricus Biosciences, Inc.
  • Vivus, Inc.
  • Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
  • Futura Medical plc

Key Benefits of Global Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Market Report– 

  • Global Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Market report covers in-depth historical and forecast analysis 
  • Global Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Market research report provides detail information about Market Introduction, Market Summary, Global market Revenue (Revenue USD), Market Drivers, Market Restraints, Market Opportunities, Competitive Analysis, Regional and Country Level. 
  • Global Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Market report helps to identify opportunities in marketplace.    
  • Global Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Market report covers extensive analysis of emerging trends and competitive landscape.
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