Veterinary Molecular Diagnostics Market

Veterinary Molecular Diagnostics Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report

Veterinary Molecular Diagnostics Market: Global Size, Trends, Competitive, Historical & Forecast Analysis, 2019-2025

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Global Veterinary Molecular Diagnostics Market was valued at USD 2.46 Billion in 2018, and is estimated to reach at USD 4.21 Billion by 2025, registering a CAGR of 7.98% over the forecast period.

Market Analysis of Veterinary Molecular Diagnostics -

The molecular diagnostic is defined as a technique used in the laboratory to identify a disease or its predisposition stage by analyzing the DNA or RNA or other proteins in humans and animals. The extent of this symptomatic incorporates the different clinical testing gadgets, just as reagents and supplies that are used in emergency clinics, centers, business labs, explore establishments and reference research centers for distinguishing infection markers for diagnosing and checking. Sub-atomic analytic procedures keep on assuming a vital job in the pharmaceutical business, drug practice, public health and legal sciences nowadays. A portion of these procedures incorporate enhancement of nucleic corrosive like the polymerase chain response (PCR), peptide nucleic acids (PNA), fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH), biochips, nanotechnology, proteomic innovations and electrochemical identification of DNA.  In the veterinary diagnostic settings, molecular diagnostics focuses on detection, identification, and genotyping of a pathogen. Increasing developments of advanced veterinary molecular diagnostic tools for successful & early control strategies is the key factor driving the growth of global veterinary molecular diagnostics market.

Veterinary molecular diagnostics market report is segmented on the basis of products, application, diseases, technology, end-users and region & country level. Based upon product, veterinary molecular diagnostics market is segmented into instruments and consumables. Based  upon application, veterinary molecular diagnostics market is segmented into infectious diseases, oncology, genetics, microbiology. Based upon diseases, veterinary molecular diagnostics market is segmented into Ehrlichia Canis, Ehrlichia Chaffeensis, Ehrlichia Ewingii, Anaplasma Platys, Anaplasma Phagocytophilum, New Castle Disease, Distemper Disease, Influenza, porcine reproductive & respiratory syndrome and others. Based upon technology, veterinary molecular diagnostics market is segmented into INAAT, microarrays, DNA sequencing and PCR. Based upon end-user, veterinary molecular diagnostics market is segmented into veterinary hospitals, clinical laboratories and research institutes.

The regions covered in this veterinary molecular diagnostics market report are North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World. On the basis of country level, market of veterinary molecular diagnostics market is sub divided into U.S., Mexico, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, China, Japan, India, South East Asia, GCC, Africa, etc.

Key Players-

Key market players of Global Veterinary Molecular Diagnostics Market are like IDEXX Laboratories, Inc., VCA, Inc., Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., Novacyt Group, QIAGEN N.V., Biomedica Medizinprodukte GmbH & Co KG, HealthGene Corporation, and Bioneer and others.

Rising Prevalence of Various Animal Diseases Worldwide

Major factors driving the growth of global veterinary diagnostics market are growing consciousness regarding the importance of molecular diagnostics among veterinarians and increasing incidence of numerous animal diseases worldwide. In addition, increase in the number of companion animal owners  is also supplementing the market growth. There has been an ascent in expanding foodborne sicknesses and is relied upon to be a standout amongst the most urgent explanations behind the development of veterinary atomic indicative market. Besides, worldwide creature generation has decreased by 15%–20% per year, primarily because of rising rate of foodborne zoonotic ailments. With developing mindfulness about zoonotic illnesses, for example, brucellosis, fowl influenza, and swine influenza, ranch proprietors are progressively disposed towards the best possible consideration of domesticated animals through right and explicit conclusion. As indicated by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), around 3,20,000 instances of foodborne and zoonotic illnesses are accounted for consistently. Campylobacteriosis influenced around 2,20,209 individuals in the EU in 2012, because of utilization of contaminated oven meat. Moreover, growing awareness about the importance of healthy livestock is expected to foster market growth in developing countries during the forecast period. Rise in the expenditure on diagnostics, therapeutics, feed additives, and other supplies for companion animals are likely to provide significant opportunities for the further growth of this market.

North America is Expected to Dominate the Global Veterinary Molecular Diagnostics Market.

North America is expeceted to capture the highest share of this market owing to the expanding pattern of pet possession in the locale and rising interest for creature based proteins in the area. In addition, rising pet appropriation and expanding per capita creature social insurance consumption are also supplementing the market growth in this region. Europe is the second greatest local market and will keep on indicating critical development in the up and coming years, because of expanded pet appropriation and the presence of imaginative veterinary atomic symptomatic innovation for testing of a wide scope of creature pathogen utilizing quantitative, ongoing, and regular PCR in this region. The Asia Pacific is anticipated to witness a lucrative growth in this region owing to the increment in spending on creature antibodies, drugs, sedated feed added substances by urban white collar class individuals for animals wellbeing.

Veterinary Molecular Diagnostics Market Segmentation:

 By Product:

  • Instruments
  • Consumables

By Application:

  • Infectious Diseases
  • Microbiology
  • Oncology
  • Genetics

 By Technology:

  • PCR
  • RAPD-PCR strain analysis
  • Real Time PCR
  • DNA Sequencing
  • Microarrays

 By Diseases:

  • Ehrlichia Canis
  • Ehrlichia Chaffeensis
  • Ehrlichia Ewingii
  • Influenza
  • New Castle Disease
  • Anaplasma Platys
  • Anaplasma Phagocytophilum
  • Distemper Disease
  • Porcine Reproductive & Respiratory Syndrome
  • Others

By End-User:

  • Veterinary Hospitals
  • Clinical Laboratories
  • Research Institutes

By Regional & Country Analysis:

  • North America
    • U. S.
    • Canada
  • Europe
    • U. K.
    • France
    • Germany
    • Italy
  • Asia Pacific
    • China
    • Japan
    • India
    • Southeast Asia
  • Latin America
    • Brazil
    • Mexico
  • Middle East and Africa
    • GCC
    • Africa

Rest of Middle East and Africa

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