Osteoporosis Drugs Market

Osteoporosis Drugs Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report

Osteoporosis Drugs Market 2020 By Drugs Type (Bisphosphonates, Parathyroid Hormone Therapy Drugs , Calcitonin, Selective Estrogen Receptors Modulators (SERMs), RANK Ligand Inhibitors) , By Application (Female, Male ) Forecast To 2025

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Global Osteoporosis Drugs Market is valued at USD 8387.6 Billion in 2019 and expected to reach USD 10976.8 Billion by 2026 with the CAGR of 3.42% over the forecast period.

Increasing prevalence of diseases such as cancer, autoimmune disorders, thalassemia with geriatric population as well as rise in healthcare expenditure expected to boost the growth of Osteoporosis Drugs market over forecast period.

Scope of Global Osteoporosis Drugs Market Report–

Osteoporosis causes bones to become weak and brittle. In this condition, bones become so brittle that a fall or even mild stresses such as bending over or coughing can cause a fracture. Osteoporosis-related fractures most commonly occur in the hip, wrist or spine. Hence, the osteoporosis drugs is said to bisphosphonates decrease the risk of hip fracture, wrist fracture and spine fracture in people with osteoporosis and can improve the T-score. It is characterized by a decrease in the density of bone decreasing its strength and resulting in fragile bones. The osteoporosis literally leads to abnormally porous bone that is compressible, like a sponge. The confusion of the skeleton weakens the bone and results in frequent fractures (breaks) in the bones. 

These normal bones are composed of protein, collagen, and calcium, all of which give bone its strength. These bones that are affected by osteoporosis can break fracture with relatively minor injury that normally would not cause a bone to fracture. In a process called bone turnover cells called osteoclasts break down and remove old bone, and then cells called osteoblasts lay down new bone. The doctor can determine whether the patients have osteoporosis by measuring bone density usually at the hip and spine using dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA). Further benefits pertaining to rank ligand inhibitors such as reduced cell bone turnover and increased bone mineral density, may implicate high demand. The investigations have found that bisphosphonates offer only modest benefits in building bone and preventing fractures and all pose risks.

Global Osteoporosis Drugs Market report is segmented on the basis of drugs type, application, and by regional & country level. Based on drugs type, global osteoporosis drugs market is classified as the bisphosphonates, parathyroid hormone therapy drugs, calcitonin, selective estrogen receptors modulators (SERMs) and RANK Ligand Inhibitors. Based upon application, a global osteoporosis drug is classified into female and male.

The regions covered in this osteoporosis drugs market report are North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World. On the basis of country level, market of osteoporosis drugs is sub divided into U.S., Mexico, Canada, U.K., France, Germany, Italy, China, Japan, India, South East Asia, GCC, Africa, etc.

Osteoporosis Drugs Manufacturers:

Some major key players for Global Osteoporosis Drugs Market are,

  • Eli Lilly and Company
  • F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.
  • Merck & Co, Inc.
  • Amgen, Inc
  • Novo Nordisk A/S
  • Actavis Plc.
  • Pfizer, Inc.
  • GlaxoSmithKline Plc.
  • Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
  • Others.



Global Osteoporosis Drugs Market Dynamics

The rapid increase in the prevalence of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women, growing awareness about osteoporotic care and increasing investment in drug discovery and development are the major factors expected to drive the growth of the market. According to World Health Organization of International Osteoporosis Foundation in 2050, the worldwide incidence of hip fracture in men is projected to increase by 310% and 240% in women, compared to rates in 1990.  Rising aging population and post-menopausal women, growing prevalent cases of osteoporosis in younger population, increase expenditures in R&D for new and innovative drug formulation are the other factors supplementing the growth of osteoporosis drugs market. According to World Health Organization of International Osteoporosis Foundation in 2010, Osteoporosis is estimated that the number of new fractures in the EU was about 3.5 million, comprising approximately 620,000 hip fractures, 520,000 vertebral fractures, 560,000 forearm fractures and 1,800,000 other fractures by 2025.

However, the side effects and complications associated with osteoporosis drugs may hamper the market growth. For instance; heartburn, muscle and joint pain, nausea, and ulcers in stomach or esophagus are some complications associated with the bisphosphonates drug class. In spite of that, market players are collaborating with patient organizations, government research organizations, and academic institutes to advance their drug development activities which may provide various opportunities for the further growth of market.

Global Osteoporosis Drugs Market Regional Analysis–

North America is expected to dominate the global osteoporosis drugs market owing to the high investments in the healthcare industry, surging R&D initiatives and accessibility to the excellent infrastructure in this region. In the North America region, the United States holds the largest market share due to factors such as an increasing number of geriatric populations, along with a growing number of patient pools in the country and several collaborative efforts commenced by major companies to enhance their abilities and guarantee high medical standards. According to World Health Organization of International Osteoporosis Foundation 2010 in U.S, diagnostic criteria approximately 22 million women and 5.5 million men aged between 50-84 years of age are estimated to have osteoporosis in the U.S due to changes in aging population demography the number of men and women with osteoporosis in the U.S will rise from 27.5 million in 2010 to 33.9 million in 2025.

The Asia Pacific is expected to account its market leadership in the near future due to the constantly evolving life science industry in the developing economies such as India, china, Malaysia. Growth in this region will be mainly driven by factors such as rising aged population and increasing patient’s awareness pertaining to bone health.

Latin America and the Middle East & Africa are also expected to experience significant growth of osteoporosis market in the years to come. According to World Health Organization of International Osteoporosis Foundation in 2050, it is estimated to Latin Americans will suffer an around 655,648 hip fractures, at an likely direct cost of 13 billion, the mortality rates in the year following a hip fracture are 23-30% and are higher in men compared to women.

Key Benefits for Global Osteoporosis Drugs Market Report–

Global Osteoporosis Drugs Market report covers in depth historical and forecast analysis.

Global Osteoporosis Drugs Market research report provides detail information about Market Introduction, Market Summary, Global market Revenue (Revenue USD), Market Drivers, Market Restraints, Market opportunities, Competitive Analysis, Regional and Country Level.

Global Osteoporosis Drugs Market report helps to identify opportunities in market place.

Global Osteoporosis Drugs Market report covers extensive analysis of emerging trends and competitive landscape.

Global Osteoporosis Drugs Market Segmentation:–

By Drugs Type: Bisphosphonates, Parathyroid Hormone Therapy Drugs, Calcitonin, Selective Estrogen Receptors Modulators (SERMs), RANK Ligand Inhibitors

By Application: Female, Male

Regional & Country Analysis
North America, U.S., Mexico, Canada , Europe, UK, France, Germany, Italy , Asia Pacific, China, Japan, India, Southeast Asia, South America, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, The Middle East and Africa, GCC, Africa, Rest of Middle East and Africa

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By Drugs Type:

  • Bisphosphonates
  • Parathyroid Hormone Therapy Drugs
  • Calcitonin
  • Selective Estrogen Receptors Modulators (SERMs)
  • RANK Ligand Inhibitors

By Application:

  • Female
  • Male
Regions and Country

North America

  • U.S.
  • Canada


  • Germany
  • France
  • U.K.
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Netherlands
  • Turkey
  • Switzerland
  • Belgium
  • Rest of Europe


  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • China
  • India
  • Australia
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Rest of APAC

Latin America

  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Peru
  • Rest of South America

Middle East and Africa

  • Saudi Arabia
  • UAE
  • Egypt
  • South Africa
  • Rest of MEA
Key Players
  • Eli Lilly and Company
  • F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.
  • Merck & Co, Inc.
  • Amgen, Inc
  • Novo Nordisk A/S
  • Actavis Plc.
  • Pfizer, Inc.
  • GlaxoSmithKline Plc.
  • Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
  • Others.


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