Agenda Of the Webinar :

  • Major Requirements for incorporation of a company in India
  • But why India? What are the main advantages of doing business in India?
  • Foot-in-the-Door Strategy
  • What all options do the foreign companies have to enter the Indian market?
  • What are the types of business entities that can be set up in India? What is the process, time, and cost for setting up each?
  • Reserve Bank's approval  
  • What are the key businesses related to legislation in India?


This event is about the global outdoor footwear and apparel market. Outdoor footwear and apparel products are specific outfits used mainly for outdoor recreational activities. As urbanization is growing rapidly worldwide, urban dwellers are becoming more interested in outdoor recreational activities such as biking, skiing, fishing, hiking, trekking etc. Outdoor recreation have a substantial role in physical fitness as well as daily lives of many human beings mainly of developed countries of Europe and North America, providing physical, spiritual and mental benefits and excitement for natural world etc. In this event our experts in the FMCG domain will give you a brief description about global industry. Our analyst’s will discuss about the historic landscape and estimated forecast scenario about the market. Our analysts will go in detail about the impact of COVID 19 epidemic on the industry along with insightful discussion on key driving factors of market, limiting factors, trends, lucrative opportunities for stakeholders and major regional contenders and much more.

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