Why And Why Is The Competition? Know It First

Published Date : Nov 2022
Author : Aniket Patil

Knowing the enemy is one of the important tactics, which is required to win any battle. This was the rule followed by mythological kings. And this is no different in the modern era. If you need to conquer the market, you need to know your rivals and competitors well. By knowing competition you will be able to shed light on a number of things. Firstly, research on what your rivals are offering unique to the users.

This can be a new product, the difference between your product and their product, the quality of products, and so on. Next, you need to study the unique factor that they are adopting. Apart from analyzing the above mentioned factors, it is essential to study the supply too. Being aware of the current players in the market where you are battling or going to battle is essential when evaluating odds.

You need to ask a specific set of question. Some of which are:

• What are the brands and products of our sector that are developing more considerably and why?

• What is their current market value?

• What competitive benefit do we have over them? Once you have figured out this, do not mistake to copy that approach.

This will lead south and your business might worsen. Rather, research on how different you can tackle the uniqueness of the rivals with that of yours. In addition to this, also research on what modification you can do in order to stand out of the box from the rest of rivals. This can be done by focusing on the dissatisfied user base. Address their concerns and issues and find a solution to fix them. As soon as you are done with this, you are half way there to achieve your goal and proceed further.



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