Top 10 Whiskey Companies Who are Making it Big in 2023

Published Date : Feb 2023
Author : Pratibha Bhattacharjee
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Top 10 Whiskey Companies Who are Making it Big in 2023

Whiskey is referred to as a type of distilled alcoholic beverage. It is predominantly made from fermented grain mash. A wide array of whiskey brands are available in the market.

Some of the top-notch whiskey manufacturers are-

Pernod Ricard S.A.

Market Position or History

  • In 2022, Pernod Ricard S.A. announced the acquisition of Cockorico, a France-based ready-to-serve cocktail brand.

Business Overview and Strategy

The company was established by Paul Ricard in 1975. Its headquarters are located in Paris, France. Pernod Ricard has emerged as the second largest wine and spirit manufacturer in the world. It is well known for producing a wide range of pastis, an anise-flavored spirit.

It offers a unique range of whiskey brands along with other forms of wines and spirits. The company believes that offering and consuming the right alcohol eases social interaction and helps people make friends. Also, the firm has always vouched for responsible drinking.

Bacardi Limited

Market Position or History

In November 2020, Bacardi Limited announced the acquisition of premium batched cocktail manufacturer TAILS.

Business Overview and Strategy

Established in February 1862, the company has its headquarters in Hamilton, Bermuda. It was founded by Facundo Bacardi. It is a prominent spirit manufacturer and is well known for its white rum brand. But Bacardi has also developed whiskey brands, which in turn has diversified its product portfolio.

The company has always promoted responsible drinking. Apart from that, its prime vision is to enhance customer satisfaction by providing them with the best product. It constantly works on improving the quality of its alcoholic beverages.

Diageo plc

Market position or History

In November 2022, Diageo plc announced its intention to acquire a Texas based whiskey distiller, Balcones Distilling.

Business Overview and Strategy

Established in 1997, the company has its headquarters in London, England, U.K. It is one of the world’s largest whiskey manufacturers and has over 24 brands catering to the same. It also produces and sells premium spirits and other alcoholic beverages.

Diageo value its consumers more than anything. Therefore, it is always keen on improving its products and set high standards for other competitors.

Brown-Forman Corporation

Market Position or History

In January 2023, Brown-Forman Corporation announced the acquisition of Venezuela based super-rum brand, Diplomático Rum.

Business Overview and Strategy

The company was founded by George Garvin Brown in 1870. Its headquarters are located in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. Brown-Forman Corporation is regarded as one of the most prominent alcoholic beverage manufacturers. It has a wide range of whiskey brands under its name. Some of the well-known brands manufactured by the firm are Jack Daniel’s, Finlandia, Chambord, BenRiach, and Old Forester, among others.

The core values which the company abides by are excellence, teamwork, integrity, trust, and respect. It believes that beauty always lies in  diversity and therefore has developed a diverse range of alcoholic beverages. Apart from that, they company aims to have around 40% of females as senior leaders worldwide and at least 25% people of color in the U.S. by the end of 2030. Its inclusive ambitions make the firm unique.


Market Position or History

In 2014, Suntory announced the acquisition of Beam Inc., an alcoholic beverage manufacturer. This deal helped the firm to expand its global footprint.

Business Overview and Strategy

The company was founded in 1899 by Shinjiro Torii. With its headquarters in Minato City, Tokyo, Japan, Suntory is one of the country’s oldest alcoholic beverage distributors. It is a well-known manufacturer of Japanese Whiskey as well. Apart from that, it also produces non-alcoholic beverages while operating sandwich chains.

The firm has a firm vision of promoting sustainability across the globe. It believes in maintaining harmony between people and nature. Apart from that, it strives to strengthen social relationships among the people and make their lives more fulfilling and richer.

Constellation Brands, Inc.

Market Position or History

In September 2020, Constellation Brands, Inc. announced the acquisition of Copper & Kings, a crafts spirits manufacturer based in Kentucky.

Business Overview and Strategy

Marvin Sands established the company in 1945. It has its headquarters in Victor, New York, United States. Its wide range of offerings includes beer, vodka, and whiskey, among others. Constellation Brands has been recognized as a Fortune 500 Company.

With over 100 brands under its portfolio, the firm further aims to introduce more high-end alcoholic beverages. It intends to create a culture that is highly consumer centric. The company manufactures its products with a vision to help the masses connect with each other and celebrate their good times to the fullest.

William Grant & Sons Ltd.

Market Position or History

In September 2014, William Grant & Sons announced the acquisition of The Drambuie Liqueur Company Ltd.

Business Overview and Strategy

The company was established in 1887 by William Grant. Its headquarters are located in North Lanarkshire, United Kingdom. It is a prominent distiller of Scotch Whiskey and other spirit ranges. In fact, it has gained recognition as the world’s third largest Whiskey manufacturers.

William Grant & Sons sticks to six core values, i.e., be professional, be proud, be entrepreneurial, think long term, be sustainable, and be responsible. It further strives to  provide the best alcohol experience to its consumer base. 

Loch Lomond Distillery

Market Position or History

In June 2019, Loch Lomond Distillery was acquired by Hill House Capital, a global investment firm.

Business Overview and Strategy

The company was established in 1964 with its headquarters in Alexandria, Scotland. It produces a wide range of Whiskey brands. Loch Lomond’s products have been recognized across prominent global ceremonies.

The firm always believes in maintaining its legacy of whiskey distillation. It is proud of its roots and has sticked to old distillation methods even after rebranding some of its product ranges.

La Martiniquaise

Market Position or History

In September 2021, La Martiniquaise announced to have acquired a majority stake in Mixer Cocktails, a Bolognia-based Cocktail trader.

Business Overview and Strategy

Jean Cayard established the company in 1934. Its headquarters are located in Paris, France. La Martiniquaise has a diverse range of offerings which include whisky, rum, wine, and other spirit-based beverages like Vodka.

The company believes that passion and expertise complement each other. Therefore, it takes extensive efforts to create high quality alcohol brands integrated with legacy, expertise, innovation, and passion.

The Edrington Group

Market Position or History

In September 2018, Edrington announced to have purchased a minority stake at Wyoming Whiskey.

Business Overview and Strategy

Established in 1865, the company has its headquarters in Glasgow, Scotland. This privately owned spirits enterprise is known for owning a huge whiskey portfolio. Some of the whiskey brands operating under Edrington are The Famous Grouse, Highland Park, The Macallan, Wyoming, and The Glenrothes, among others.

The company has always been adopting a customer-centric approach. It adheres to three values namely, excellence, integrity, and respect. The ultra-premium alcohol brands created by the company have earned global recognition due to their quality per excellence.



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