Top Plating On Plastics Companies in the Global Market

Published Date : Nov 2022
Author : Pratibha Bhattacharjee
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Global plating on plastics market is divided by base material,  plating type,  and application. Major plating type sections are nickel,  chrome,  and others. Major base material segments are PC,  ABS,  PEI,  ABS/PC,  nylon,  PBT,  PET,  and others. Major application sections are electrical & electronics,  building & construction,  automotive,  and others.

Rising User Preference For Production Of Light Weight Automotive And Fuel Efficiency To Power Plating On Plastics Market Size

Rising user preference for production of light weight automotive and fuel efficiency employing plastic elements in exterior & interior elements,  grills,  and parts together with offering decorative appearance might power plating on plastics market size. Worldwide automotive sales crossed more than 88 million units at a development rate of more than 4.5% during the coming period. Push to lower automotive vehicular weight in an effort to lower fuel usage by complying present industry rules will power product requirement.

Europe Is Predicted To Have A Dominant Share Of The Global Plating On Plastics Market In Terms Of Volume In The Years To Come

Europe is predicted to have a dominant share of the global plating on plastics market in terms of volume in the years to come. Outstanding distribution network of the automotive sector in the area is predicted to power the market in the area in the years to come. The European plating on plastics market is powered by different regional and international players such as Ferrari and BMW. The North American plating on plastics market is developed. The market in the area is predicted to develop at a slow rate during the coming period. North America is predicted to provide growth opportunities during the forecast period to the plating on plastics market. Asia Pacific is a quickly developing market for plating on plastics. Jump of automotive production activities toward emerging nations,  such as India and China,  is powering the Asia Pacific plating on plastics market. In addition to this,  increase in the usage of plating on plastics in infrastructure and construction industries for coatings on decorative materials and electric wires in buildings power the building & construction section of the market in the area.

Top Plating On Plastics Companies in the Global Market:

Atotech Group

Atotech Group Established in 1993 and headquarter in Berlin

Atotech is a company driven by an endless technical curiosity and passion. Specialties in Electronics,  General Metal Finishing Division,  Electronics Materials,  and Semiconductor Technology.

Bolta Werke GmbH

Bolta Werke GmbH established in 1921 by Johannes Bolten and headquarter in Diepersdorf,  Bayern.

Specialties in Bakelite and rubber - later Galalith,  celluloid and hard rubber - began in the buildings of the Hessemer toy factory in Nuremberg

In 2013 Bolta in North America. Bolta US,  Inc. in Tuscaloosa,  Alabama.

Sharretts Plating Co.,  Inc.

Sharretts Plating Co.,  Inc. Established in 1925 and headquarter in Harrisburg,  PA.

Specialties in Palladium Plating, Electroless Nickel Plating, Copper Electroplating, Silver Plating, Gold Plating, Various Metal Alloys

Grauer & Weil (I) Limited

Grauer & Weil (I) Limited Established in 1957 and headquarter in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Grauer & Weil (I) is a global leader in Electroplating, Protective Coatings & Industrial Lubricants, and also become a One Stop Solution Provider for protection of all types of substrates across the various industrial segments

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