Top 7 Electric Vehicle (EV) Parts and Components Manufacturers 2022

Published Date : Nov 2022
Author : Poonam Gorade
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Global Electric Vehicle Parts and Components Market size is expected to gain market growth in the forecast period of 2022 to 2028, with a CAGR of 22.5% in the forecast period.

The recent report "Global Electric Vehicle Parts and Components Market Report 2022 by Key Players, Types, Applications, Countries, Market Size, Forecast to 2028". The report integrates data regarding the supply and demand situation, Key Growth Factors & Challenges, Segmentation & Regional Outlook, Top Industry Trends & Opportunities, Competition Analysis, Future Impact Analysis & Projected Recovery, and Market Sizing & Forecast period of 2022-2028.

Top 7 Electric Vehicle Parts Manufacturers in Global Market 2022

1. Robert Bosch GmbH


Robert Bosch GmbH also known as Bosch, is a German multinational engineering and technology company Which is Established in 1886. Companies Headquartered at Robert-Bosch-Platz 1, Gerlingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, 70839, Germany. Specialties in Automotive parts, power tools, security systems, home appliances, engineering, electronics, cloud computing, and IoT.

Robert Bosch GmbH Company had nearly 395,029 Employees and had revenue of $ 81 Billion.

2. Panasonic Corp


Panasonic Corporation formerly known as a Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd is a major Japanese company that was established in 1918. Companies Headquartered at 828 McCarter Hwy, Newark, New Jersey, 07102, United States. Panasonic gives an extensive variety of merchandise and services, which include rechargeable batteries, car, avionic systems, and business systems, in addition to domestic upkeep and construction.

Panasonic Company had nearly 243,540 Employees and had revenue of $ 62 Billion.



DENSO Corporation is a global automotive components manufacturer Which was Established in 1949. Companies Headquartered at 1-1, Showa-Cho, Kariya, Aichi, 479-0805, Japan. The company develops and manufactures various auto parts, including gasoline and diesel engine components, hybrid vehicle components, climate control systems, instrument clusters, airbag systems, pre-crash radar systems, and spark plugs.

DENSO CORP had nearly 168,391 Employees and had revenue of $ 47 Billion.

4. Contemporary Amperex Technology Co


Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited Also Known as CATL  is a Chinese battery manufacturer and technology company Which is Established in 2011. Companies Headquartered at No 2 Xingang Rd, Ningde, Fujian, China. specializes in the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage systems, as well as battery management systems. CATL is the biggest lithium battery manufacturer in the World.

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co had nearly 26,775 Employees and had revenue of $ 4 Billion.

5. Exide Industries Ltd.,


Exide Industries Limited is an Indian multinational storage battery manufacturer Company Which is Established in 1947. Companies Headquartered at 59E Chowringhee, A.J.C.Bose Road, West Bengal, 700020, India. The company is the largest manufacturer of automotive and industrial lead-acid batteries

Exide Industries Ltd. had nearly 5,822 Employees and had revenue of $ 2 Billion.

6. Amara Raja Batteries Ltd.,


Amara Raja Group is an Indian MNC Which Was Established in 1985. Companies Headquartered at Terminal A 1-18/1/AMR/NR Nanakramguda, Manuu, Telangana, 500032, India. specializes in the automotive battery business, infrastructure sector, power system production, packaged foods and beverages, electronics products manufacturing, and fabrication of sheet metal products and fasteners.

Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. had nearly 10,690 Employees and had a revenue of $ 935 Million.

7. Eastman Auto & Power Ltd


Eastman Auto & Power Limited is an Indian leading manufacturer Company that was established in 2002. Companies Headquartered at  572, Udyog Vihar Phase V, Phase V, Udyog Vihar, Sector 19, Gurugram, Haryana.

Eastman Auto & Power Ltd had nearly 2,142 Employees and had revenue of $ 418 Million.

Key Benefits for Electric Vehicle Parts and Components Market Reports

  • Global market report covers in-depth historical and forecast analysis.
  • Global market research report provides detail information about Market Introduction, Market Summary, Global market Revenue (Revenue USD), Market Drivers, Market Restraints, Market Opportunities, Competitive Analysis, Regional and Country Level.
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  • Global market report covers extensive analysis of emerging trends and competitive landscape.


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