Top 5 Voice Recognition Companies In 2022 Driving the Global Market

Published Date : Nov 2022
Author : Pratibha Bhattacharjee
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According To Brandessence Market Research, Technology is getting advanced day by day. New inventions and innovations are making life easier and better every day. Voice recognition software is one of the most inventions of our times. Who would have imagined that one-day machines would be able to turn our talks into written text Voice recognition software is a step in the right direction.

Voice Recognition Market is valued at USD 9.11 Billion in 2018 and is expected to reach USD 26.86 Billion by 2025 with a CAGR of 16.71% over the forecast period.

It has quite a lot of advantages as such like access, spelling, speed, and specialization. But it also has its own set of limitations; like setting up and training may take time, frequent pauses at a time can spoil your mood, limited vocabulary etc.

What is Voice Recognition?

Voice recognition which is alternatively known as speech recognition is a computer software program or hardware device having the ability to decode human voice. It is generally used to operate a device, perform commands or write without using keyboard, Mouse or any other button. This voice recognition is done by automatic speech recognition ASR) software program.  Major ASR programs need to train users the ASR program to identify their voice for efficient conversation. For instance, user could say "open Internet" and the computer would open the Internet browser. In voice recognition software, it can provide user verification while the user is speaking without needing any special phrases or questions.

Top 5 Voice Recognition Companies in Global Market 2022


Employees: 1,608,000
Revenue: $458 Billion

North America, International, and Amazon Web Services are the three main segments where, Inc. operates in the retail of consumer goods and subscriptions., Inc was founded in 1994 And its Headquartered at 410 Terry Avenue North, Seattle, Washington, 98109, United States. The company mainly focuses on advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, e-commerce, and streaming. digital. The company has a presence in North America, Europe, Asia - Pacific and many other countries around the world.

2. APPLE, Inc (U.S.)

Employees: 154,000
Revenue: $378 Billion

Apple, Inc. engages in a number of industries such as the design, manufacture, marketing, and sale of mobile phones, communications equipment, and computers to consumers around the world. Founded in 1977 and headquartered in Cupertino, California, United States of America, the company primarily sells its products and services through its direct sales force, retail and online stores as well. such as through third-party mobile network operators, resellers and wholesalers. With subsidiaries and a strong distribution network, the company is present in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America,  the Middle East and Africa. Voice control uses the Siri voice recognition engine to enhance network ports used by Apple software products.


Employees: 156,500
Revenue: $257 Billion

Globally, Google LLC is one of the leading providers of Internet products and services. Google offers a wide range of products ranging from search engines, cloud computing, and online advertising to hardware and software. In addition, Google LLC  also, directly and indirectly, strengthens the home automation industry sector. Google has a strong global network with more than 70 offices in 50 countries around the world. It was found in 1998 And its Headquartered at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California, 94043, United States.


Employees: 189,984
Revenue: $184 Billion

Microsoft is a pioneering technology company globally. It is known for its software products mainly including the Internet Explorer web browser, Microsoft Office Suite, Edge. It was founded in 1975 and has its headquarters in 1 Microsoft Way, Redmond, Washington, 98052, United States. With subsidiaries and a strong distribution network, the company is present in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa


Employees: 7,100
Revenue: $1 Billion

Nuance Communications offers speech recognition and artificial intelligence products focusing on telephony call guidance systems, server-based and embedded speech recognition, medical transcription systems and software, and automatic phone book service.  It was founded in 2001 And its Headquartered at 1 Wayside Rd., Burlington, Massachusetts, 01803, United States. The company provides  AI solutions and services for healthcare, consumer and automobiles. They work with 75% of Fortune 100 companies and thousands of healthcare organizations.


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