Top 5 Livestock Monitoring Companies Impacting Livestock Monitoring Industry 2022

Published Date : Nov 2022
Author : Pratibha Bhattacharjee
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The major drivers of the livestock monitoring market include enhancing size of dairy farms, considerable cost savings related with the livestock monitoring management and increasing focus of major organizations considering the technological advancements along with the new product launches.

Sensors are being produced which can accumulate an inexorably extensive variety of data. However, with the improvement of these sensors it turns out to be more imperative to create frameworks which can gather, handle and use the data. Crude information, all alone, is of restricted esteem. The stockman can expand the effectiveness of a generation framework just by observing all its basic stages and targets and guaranteeing that they are kept near the ideal. For instance, it might be essential to acclimatize information on the atmosphere inside and without a building, the breed, number, age, sustain level and weight of creatures, their development rate, action and wellbeing records furthermore, advertise necessities. The sources, including sensors, databases and Knowledge bases, forms the data, also, gives yields, which might be suggestions to the maker, or direct handle control activities. Fig. 1 delineates this general idea as it may be connected to a domesticated animals generation prepare. Contributions to the framework would incorporate sensors measuring for instance climatic conditions, nourish consumption, development rate, creature conduct furthermore, item quality; databases containing past estimations of these factors; then the models to empower future conditions to be anticipated, or the estimations of unmeasurable factors to be found.

The translation schedules would utilize this data to reach inferences identifying with the advance of the generation procedure in territories for example, atmosphere and encourage control, and the wellbeing and conceptive status of the creatures. In the last stage a learning base would start control activities, or answer to the client, with suggestions for activities. The various factors which includes standardization of software and hardware systems, efficient performance of the software and hardware systems with reduced cost and time related to the livestock monitoring management are primarily driving the market considering the offering segment. The Feeding management application is anticipated to grow with the highest CAGR during the forecasted period of 2016-2023. In the present scenario, the manual management considering the livestock monitoring is time consuming and costly. The Software and hardware solution provide the automatic identification and data collection and data analysis which in turn results into rapid and accurate monitoring of the livestocks. The Key reason for the growth of feeding management application is enhancing adaptability and availability of innovative and emerging feeling technologies which includes dry feeding systems and liquid feeding systems on the global scenario.

Top Livestock Monitoring Companies in Global Market 2021

Afimilk Ltd

Afimilk Ltd established in 1977 and headquartered at Kibbutz Afikin, Israel. Specialties in Herd Managment Systems, Turn Key Projects, Software Applications, and Complete Dairy Farm Solutions. Afimilk had nearly 286 Employees and had revenue of $54 Million.


BOUMATIC established in 1939 and headquartered at Stoughton Rd, Madison, Wisconsin, 53716, United States. Specialties in Milk Handling Equipment and Dairy Chemicals. BouMatic had nearly 272 Employees and had revenue of $52 Million.


DeLaval established in 1878 and headquartered at Tumba, Botkyrka, Sweden. Specialties in Milking solutions, Consumables, Service offering, Herd management solutions, Cow comfort solutions, Milk cooling & storage solutions, Feeding solutions & products, Farm planning consultancy, Manure & effluent solutions, and Barn environment products & solutions. DeLaval had nearly 4,637 Employees and had revenue of $1 Billion.


Dairymaster established in 1968 and headquartered at Causeway, Tralee, Co, Munster, Ireland. Specialties in dairy farm equipment, milking equipment, dairy feeding equipment, heat detection systems, milk cooling equipment, automatic slurry systems, dairy farm automation, engineering, software development, sales, marketing, and research and development. Dairymaster had nearly 400 Employees and had revenue of $54 Million.

Valley Agriculture Software VAS

Valley Agriculture Software established in 1981 and headquartered at Tulare, California, 93274, United States. Specialties in connected farm management systems. Valley Agriculture Software had nearly 93 Employees and had revenue of $17 Million.

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o          Third-party knowledge providers

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