Top 5 Lithium-ion Battery Recycling Companies Worldwide

Published Date : Nov 2022
Author : Poonam Gorade
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Lithium-ion batteries have a number of heavy metals and hazardous chemicals. The disposal of Li-ion batteries has raised a lot of concerns about polluting the environment such as soil pollution and water pollution. The hydrometallurgical recycling process involves a chemical precipitation methodology that allows scarce minerals to be recovered and delivered to battery manufacturers for reuse in the production of new batteries. The lithium-ion batteries are first made safe for mechanical treatment, with plastics, aluminium and copper separated and directed to their own recycling processes. Moreover, the incredible efforts are being made to develop electrode materials, electrolytes, and separators for energy storage devices to meet the needs of emerging technologies such as electric vehicles, decarbonizes electricity, and electrochemical energy storage. However, the sustainability concerns of lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) and next-generation rechargeable batteries have received little attention. Recycling plays an important role in the overall sustainability of future batteries and is affected by battery attributes including environmental hazards and the value of their constituent resources.

Global Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Market is valued at USD 8.81 Billion in 2020 and expected to reach USD 14.34 Billion by 2027 with the CAGR of 7.20% over the forecast period.

Top Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Companies 2021


Umicore N.V.. formerly Union Minière established in 1805 and headquartered at Rue du Marais 31 Broekstraat, Brussels Capital, Belgium. Specialties in Catalysis, Energy & Surface Technologies, and Recycling. Umicore had nearly 10420 Employees and had revenue of $4 Billion.

SungEel HiTech

Sungeel Hitech established in 2000 and headquartered at 143-12, Gunsansandan-ro, Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do, 54002, Korea. Specialties in Recycling, EV Battery Recycling, Battery Materials, Lithium ion Battery, Manufacturing, Urban Mining, Cobalt sulfate, Nickel sulfate, Manganese sulfate, Lithium phosphate, Lithium carbonate, Amorphous Graphite, and Sustainability.

Retriev Technologies Inc.

Retriev Technologies company established in 1965 and headquartered at 125 E Commercial St, Ste a, Anaheim, California, 92801, United States. Specialties in Battery Recycling and Management, Battery Logistics and Transportation, Battery Consulting, Recycling Technology Development, Lithium Ion Battery Recycling, Lithium Ion, and xEV Strategies. Retriev Technologies had nearly 95 Employees and had revenue of $19 Million.

TES – Sustainable Technology Solutions

TES – Sustainable Technology Solutions company established in 2005 and headquartered at Jurong Industrial Estate, Singapore. Specialties in Electronics Recycling, Asset Recovery Services, Managed Deployment Services, IMAC Services, IT Parts, Data Sanitization, and Value Recovery. TES had nearly 1594 Employees and had revenue of $322 Million.


4R Energy Corporation established in 2010 and headquartered at Bole Sub-city, Woreda 3

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Specialties in clean renewable energy, reuse, resell, refabricate and recycle lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles.  4R Energy had nearly 25 Employees and had revenue of $5 Million.

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