Laboratory Equipment Services Companies in Global Market 2022

Published Date : Nov 2022
Author : Pratibha Bhattacharjee
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Laboratory equipment services offer different kinds of apparatus and equipment that are essential for the research & study in the biological and pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, laboratory equipment services have their usage in industrial services and commercial industries. Increasing research in biological and pharmaceutical sector, the global laboratory equipment services market is predicted to touch new heights of development in the years to come.

The global laboratory equipment services market is segmented into its equipment, service types, service provider, service contract, and end-user. By the service types, the market is segmented into calibration, repair & maintenance, validation, and other services. By equipment, the laboratory equipment services market is divided into support equipment, general equipment, analytical equipment, specialty equipment, and others. Based on service contract, laboratory equipment services market is divided into standardized and customized. By service provider, the laboratory equipment services market is divided into third-party service agencies, original equipment manufacturers, and others. By end-user, the laboratory equipment services market is divided as pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies, clinical & diagnostic laboratories, academic institutes, and others.

Top Laboratory Equipment Services Companies

Waters Corporation

Waters Corporation is a publicly traded Analytical Laboratory instrument and software company established in 1958 and headquartered at Maple St, Milford, Massachusetts, 01757, United States. Specialties in UPLC, HPLC, Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, Informatics, Thermal Imaging, Chemistry, Analytical Standards & Reagents, Data Integrity, and Specialty Measurement. Waters Corporation had nearly 7500 Employees and had revenue of $2 Billion.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific is an American Company established in 1956 and headquartered at Waltham, Massachusetts, 02451, United States. Specialties in Analytical Instruments, Laboratory Supply Chain Programs and eCommerce, Laboratory Equipment, Lab Services, Specialty Diagnostics, Life Sciences, Pharma Services, and CDMO. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc had nearly 80000 Employees and had revenue of $32 Billion.

Danaher Corporation

Danaher Corporation is an American Company established in 1969 and headquartered at Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 800W, Washington, D.C., District of Columbia, 20037, United States. Specialties in Life Sciences, Diagnostics, Dental, Water Quality, and Product Identification.   Danaher had nearly 69,000 Employees and had revenue of $22 Billion.

Agilent Technologies

Agilent Technologies, Inc. is an American analytical instrumentation development and manufacturing company established in 1999 and headquartered at Stevens Creek Blvd, Santa Clara, California, 95051, United States. Specialties in Diagnostics & Genomics, Chemical Analysis, Life Sciences, Environmental & Forensics, Food Safety, Pharmaceutical, Cancer Research, Pathology, biopharma, Agriculture, and Clinical Diagnostics, Agilent Technologies had nearly 16,300 Employees and had revenue of $5 Billion.

Pace Analytical

Pace Analytical established in 1978 and headquartered at Elm Street SE, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55414, United States. Specialties in Analytical Services, Environmental Testing, Regulatory Compliance, Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Testing, Professional Staffing, Instrument Service and Sales, Regulatory Data Management, Professional Scientific Staffing, Product Testing, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Device, Chemistry, Industrial Hygiene, BioPharmaceuticals, Cleanroom Testing, Equipment Sales, Remediation and Forensics, Microbiology, Chemical Regulatory Compliance, Stability Testing, Physical Testing, Specialty Analytical, Emergency Response, PFAS Testing, Water Testing, Air Testing, CMC Development, GMP Development, Lab Relocation, and 1-4 Dioxin. Pace Analytical had nearly 2,800 Employees and had revenue of $470 Million.

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