Top 5 Edible oil Companies in the World 2021

Published Date : Nov 2022
Author : Poonam Gorade
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Edible Oil is a type of fat that can be made from plants, animals, or synthetic fat and it is used in frying, baking, and other forms of cooking. There are a wide variety of oils which are plant-based such as Olive oil, palm oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, corn oil, peanut oil, and other vegetable oils, and from animal-based oils like butter and lard. These oils can also be flavored with herbs, garlic, or chili. The application of vegetable oil is expanded in various sectors such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, lubricants, paints, and others. Edible oils are categorized based on their method of extraction such as cold-pressed oil, refined oil, and unrefined oil. The nutritional value of cold-pressed and refined oils is high. They are more hygienic, healthier, and have a range of advantages over cold-pressed oils. Unrefined oils are most acceptable due to the presence of a good amount of nutrients, which is true in its flavor and smell. Edible oils have various health benefits like it contains antioxidants that protect the skin, prevents chronic disease, helps to prevent cancer, enhances the immune system, and many other health benefits. They are a rich source of essential nutrients and it plays important role in maintaining human health.  Nowadays, edible oils are being used in personal care products and cosmetics because it contains various essential nutrients and vitamins as they are good for the skin.

Global Edible Oil Market: Global Size, Trends, Competitive, Historical & Forecast Analysis, 2021-2027- Rising awareness regarding health and growing urbanization are increasing the consumption of edible oils and thus, driving the growth of Global Edible Oil Market.

Global Edible Oil Market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 7.2% over the forecast period.

Why Edible Oil Prices are going high?

Edible oil Prices are going high as much as 62 percent last year as the report. Reason behind the high price is bad weather in major oil producing company like Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Ukraine, Russia and other oil producing Countries.

Top Edible oil Companies in the World


ADM, is an American multinational Company established in 1902 and headquartered at Wacker Dr., Chicago, Illinois, 60601, United States. Specialties in Food ingredients, Trading, Oilseeds, Soybean, Corn, Food, Beverages, Nutrition, Animal Nutrition, Health and Wellness, Food Science, Logistics, Innovation, Sustainable Materials, Farmer Services, Plant-based Protein, Flavors, and Solutions. ADM had nearly 38,100 Employees and had revenue of $64 Billion.


Bunge Limited is an American agribusiness and food company established in 1818 and headquartered at Timberlake Manor Parkway, Chesterfield, Missouri, 63017, United States. Specialties in Trading, Risk Management, Merchandizing, Processing, Oilseeds, Soybeans, Corn, Wheat, Food Ingredients, and Food Innovation. Bunge Limited had nearly 23,000 Employees and had revenue of $41 Billion.

ACH Food Companies, Inc.

ACH Food Companies, Inc. (ACH) is a prominent consumer packaged goods company established in 1904 and headquartered at One Parkview Plaza, 5th Floor, Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, 60181, United States. Specialties in edible and specialty food ingredients. ACH Food Companies had nearly 329 Employees and had revenue of $658 Million.

Henry Lamotte Oils GmbH

Henry Lamotte Oils GmbH company established in 1925 and headquartered at Merkurstrasse 47, Bremen, Bremen, 28197, Germany. Specialtie in Sales food industry, Sales food retail, Pharmaceuticals industry, Cosmetics industry, Veterinary and Feed Industry, and Chemicals industry. Henry Lamotte Oils GmbH had nearly $6 Million.

Adani Wilmar Limited

Adani Wilmar Limited (AWL) Company established in 1999 and headquartered at Ahmadabad , Gujarat, India. Specialties in Soya, Sun, Mustard, Rice bran, Groundnut and other edible oil. Adani Wilmar Limited had nearly 90000 Employees and had revenue of $44 Billion

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