Top 5 E-Commerce Logistics Companies in Global Market 2022

Published Date : Nov 2022
Author : Pratibha Bhattacharjee
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E-commerce pertains to growing trend of shopping on online platforms as one of the common methods adopted by everyone in this digitally supported generation. Providing a complete product list has been successful in attracting the attention of every buyer to ecommerce sites. The e-commerce logistics industry includes many elements such as transportation, value-added services and warehousing, of which transportation represents a significant part of the industry.

Logistics has become an indispensable part of electronic commerce as it is responsible for planning, controlling and the flow of products from origin to final consumer. The growth of the e-commerce sector and the increase in cross-border (international) e-commerce transactions have become one of the main drivers of the global e-commerce logistics market. The increase in cross-border e-commerce transactions is mainly due to trade liberalization. Therefore, the growth of intra-regional and cross-border trade has jointly promoted the growth of the e-commerce logistics market. Changing consumer digital habits and increased Internet penetration, particularly in emerging economies, would affect overall market growth, as they will increase the demand for foreign goods in these economies. As the product line of e-commerce companies expands, reliable and powerful logistics services are essential for businesses of all sizes.

Top E-Commerce Logistics Companies in Global Market 2021


DHL International GmbH is a German companies established in 1969 and headquartered at Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen, 53113, Germany. Specialties in Air Freight, Project Cargo, specialist world leader sea freight, Contract Logistics, world leader consolidator, and vertical market specialists. DHL International nearly had 380000 Employees and had a revenue of $55 Billion.

Kenco Group

Kenco Group, or Kenco, is a privately held Chattanooga, TN-based company established in 1950 and headquartered at Chattanooga, Tennessee, 37406, United States. Specialties in Third Party Logistics, Warehousing, Supply Chain Management, Transporation, 3rd Party Logistics, and Material Handling Solutions. Kenco had nearly 3900 Employees and had a revenue of $674 Million.

Clipper Logistics plc

Clipper Logistics plc established in 1992 and headquartered at West Yorkshire, LS12 6LT, United Kingdom. Specialties in Third Party Logistics. Clipper had nearly 6698 employees and had a revenue of $598 Million.


FedEx Corporation is an American multinational delivery services company established in 1973 and headquartered at Memphis, Tennessee, 38120, United States. Specialties in shipping, logistics, ecommerce, delivery services, citizenship, global trade, aviation, transportation, freight, package delivery, small business, printing, business solutions, corporate citizenship, sustainability, entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, supply chain, and digital transformation.

XPO Logistics, Inc.

XPO Logistics is an American transportation and contract logistics company established in 2011 and headquartered at Greenwich, Connecticut, 06831, United States. Specialties in Freight Brokerage, Expedited Transportation, Global Forwarding, Intermodal, Last Mile, Contract Logistics, and Supply Chain Management. XPO Logistics had nearly 96000 employees and had a revenue of $16 Billion.

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