Top 10 Industrial Floor Coating Companies In Global Market 2022

Published Date : Nov 2022
Author : Aniket Patil
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The Industrial Floor Coating Market is estimated to be worth USD 5610.3 million in 2021 and is projected to grow to USD 7691.3 million by 2028 at a CAGR of 4.61%.

Rapid industrialization and the growing manufacturing industry around the world are some of the major factors driving the growth of the Global Industrial Floor Coatings Market.

Floor coatings are robust, protective coatings applied to commercial or industrial flooring where considerable rust or wear is anticipated. These floor coverings are utilised for convenience, traffic control, and concealing coloured concrete, among other things. Applications for slip resistance use floor coatings. They provide a beautiful surface to flooring and bare concrete and are waterproof, anti-static, and anti-vibration. But for a variety of flooring needs in the commercial and industrial sectors, industrial floor coating provides maintenance, repair, and protection measures. The definition of safeguarding the floor from exposure and various toxic substances and others is to apply a thin layer of coating to the floor structure.

Top 10 Industrial Floor Coating Companies


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BASF SE is a German multinational chemical company and the largest chemical producer in the world. Founded in 1865 Its headquarter is located in Ludwigshafen, Germany.

The company had nearly 110,000 employees and a revenue of USD 52 Billion.

2.Cipy Polyurethanes Pvt. Ltd.

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Cipy Polyurethanes Pvt. Ltd was Founded in 1976 And headquartered In Pune, Maharashtra India.

The company had nearly 51-200 employees and a revenue of USD 24 Million.

3.Cornerstone Flooring

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Cornerstone Flooring was Founded in 2002 and Its headquarter is located in Brownsburg, IN

The company had nearly 51-200 employees and a revenue of USD 75 Million.

4.Don Construction Products Ltd.

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DCP, headquartered in Havervill, Suffolk, and established in 1927, is a construction chemical products manufacturing company specializing in flooring solutions.

The company had nearly 501-1,000 employees and a revenue of USD 351 Million

5.Fosroc, Inc.

Website: -

Fosroc, Inc. was Founded In 1972 And headquartered In Dubai, UAE. Fosroc has offices and manufacturing locations across Europe, the Middle East, and North and South Asia.

Fosroc employs over 1,700 employees worldwide And has a revenue of USD 800 Million.

6.MAPEI S.p.A.

Website: -

MAPEI S.p.A. was Founded In 1937 And headquartered In Milan, Italy.

Fosroc employs over 10,001 employees worldwide And has revenue of USD 1 Billion.

7.RPM International Inc.

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RPM International Inc. is an American multinational company Founded In 1947 And headquartered In Medina, Ohio, United States.

The company had nearly 16,751 employees and a revenue of USD 6 Billion

8.Sika AG

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Sika AG is a Swiss multinational specialty, headquartered in Baar, Switzerland and Founded In 1910.

The company had nearly 27,059 employees and a revenue of USD 9 Billion.

9.Twintec Group Limited

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Twintec Group Limited was Founded In 1996 And headquartered In United Kingdom

Twintec Group Limited had a collection of 76 Employees And Revenue of USD 20 Million

10.VIACOR Polymer GmbH

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VIACOR Polymer GmbH is a German manufacturer headquartered In Germany And was Founded In 2000.

The company had nearly 76 employees and a revenue of USD 10 Million.

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