Top Scabies Disease Players Operating in this Landscape

Published Date : Dec 2023
Author : Pratibha Bhattacharjee
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Scabiesis a skin disorder which is highly contagious in nature. It is caused by a tiny mite known as the Sarcoptes scabiei. Symptoms of this disease include severe itching, especially at night, and the development of small red bumps or blisters. The itching is a result of the body's allergic reaction to the mites, their eggs, and their waste.

The prominent players in this vertical are-

FotoFinder Systems

This German company was established in 1991. It primarily specializes in dermatological imaging systems and software. It develops tools for dermatologists and healthcare professionals to capture and analyze images of the skin for various purposes, including the diagnosis and monitoring of skin conditions.

FotoFinder enhances the accuracy of scabies diagnosis by providing a detailed and visual representation of the affected skin areas. High-quality images taken with its imaging systems can aid dermatologists in assessing the characteristic signs of scabies, such as burrows, rashes, and other skin abnormalities.

Canfield Scientific

Established in 1988, the company has its headquarters in Parsippany, New Jersey, United States. It is primarily known for providing imaging systems and services, particularly in the field of dermatology. Its products often include technologies for capturing and analyzing high-resolution images of the skin.

In terms of scabies, Canfield offers dermatological imaging systems that generate high quality images. These images can assist in documenting skin lesions, rashes, and other characteristic signs of scabies.

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Headquartered in Goregaon, Mumbai, India, the company was set up in 1983. It is known for manufacturing and marketing a wide range of pharmaceutical products, including prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs.

Sun Pharma produces various oral and topical medications for the treatment of scabies. New Ivermectol 12mg is a medicine developed by this company for the effective treatment of this skin disorder.

Zydus Lifesciences Limited

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, India, the company was founded in 1952. Ramanbhai Patel is the founding father of this pharma company.  It is involved in the research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of medications for various medical conditions, including scabies.

Zydus develops topical medications, such as permethrin or ivermectin, to eliminate the scabies mites.

Lupin Limited

The company was founded in 1968 by Desh Bandhu Gupta. Its headquarters are situated in Mumbai, India. It is primarily engaged in the research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of a wide range of pharmaceutical products.

Lupin has developed products that are relevant to the treatment of scabies.  It produces both topic and oral medications.

Final Words

In the landscape of scabies disease treatment, several key players operate, contributing to the development and distribution of medications aimed at managing this condition. Pharmaceutical companies that specialize in dermatology and infectious diseases play a crucial role in providing effective solutions for scabies. These companies manufacture topical treatments, such as permethrin-containing creams or lotions, as well as oral medications like ivermectin, both commonly used in scabies therapy. As the pharmaceutical industry is dynamic, with changes occurring due to new market entrants, mergers, and acquisitions, it is essential to consult the latest industry reports, explore official company websites, or seek guidance from healthcare professionals for the most up-to-date information on the major players in the scabies treatment landscape.



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