Graphene has the potential to revolutionize the semiconductor industry in the future

Published Date : Mar 2024
Author : Santosh Salgare

Graphene Can Change the Face of the semiconductor industry in the Future

The semiconductor industry is witnessing significant breakthroughs, driven by the increasing demand for semiconductor chips across various sectors. The rapid growth of artificial intelligence is further fueling the usage of semiconductors in industries such as technology, automotive, healthcare, and others. Sales in the semiconductor industry are expected to remain robust throughout 2024 due to rising demand from the industrial sector.


Experts predict that alternative semiconductor chips will soon surpass silicon ones, which currently dominate the industry by up to 60.01 %. Recent research suggests that a graphene variant combined with silicon carbide could potentially revolutionize chipmaking and quantum computing, unveiling the world's first graphene semiconductor by 2024. While silicon is widely available and affordable, its limitations in semiconductor production are prompting researchers to seek better alternatives. Graphene, known for its superior conductivity compared to silicon, lacks the necessary band gap property for chipmaking. However, silicon carbide comes into play to render graphene suitable for the semiconductor industry. Graphene exhibits promising properties that could make it more advantageous than silicon in semiconductor applications.


Experts envision that graphene's adoption in the semiconductor industry could enhance applications to align with current trends and contribute to the transition towards green energy. Chip manufacturers are exploring silicon carbide for electric vehicles and other green energy applications, indicating potential benefits of graphene in these areas. Graphene's unique properties, such as its quantum mechanical wave-like behavior allowing operation at extremely low temperatures, make it particularly promising for quantum computing. Leading tech companies like Google and Rigetti are exploring superconducting models for quantum computing, where graphene's properties could offer significant advantages. Researchers anticipate widespread utilization of graphene in quantum computers to enhance productivity and performance.



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