Food Processing Machinery Manufactures Significant Growth Rate by BMRC

Published Date : Nov 2022
Author : Pratibha Bhattacharjee
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The food processing machines are tools which facilitate the commercial production and the packaging of different kind of the foods like the baked items, seafood, meat, beverages, dairy and the others. The products have been gaining the popularity globally as they have been considering rich in nutrition, the shelf-stable and have a lower risk of the contamination. These exist in a lot of the sizes, designs and the configurations and may be operated conveniently. In an earlier manner, the conventional tools had been designed for performing a single task however presently, the advanced equipment have been designed which comprises of the multiple lines of processing capable of accommodating the automated and continuous operations.

Demand For Processed Food Leading To The Growth In The Global Food Processing Machinery Market

The global food processing machinery market has been driven by the increase in the demand for the processed foods because of the preference of the consumers for the nutritious, safe food and hygienic products. Furthermore, the economies which are developed have the mature market however this demand has been fueled by the replacement of the conventional tools over very advanced technologies.

Europe Is Expected To Be The Biggest Regional Global Food Processing Machinery Market

On the basis of region, the market has been segmented into the regions of Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and the region of LAMEA. There is also a segmentation in the major countries. Europe has been a dominant player in the global food processing machinery market. The major reason of the growth of the market in Europe has been the increase of demand of processed food. Asia Pacific has been witnessing growth too in the market as there is a great amount of increase in population.

Food Processing Machinery Manufacturers:

The major players in the market of food processing machinery are the Bucher Industries, Berkshire Hathaway, Machine Co. Ltd, John Bean Technologies, GEA Group Mallet& Company, Tetra Laval International SA and NICHIMO.

The other players in the market are the BK Engineers, Buhler, National Refractories, Krones AG, Meyer Industries, Heat and Control, AFE Group Ltd, ZIEMANN HOLVREIEKA, Atlas Pacific and the Tomra Systems.

Tetra Laval International SA

Tetra Laval International established in 1952 and Specialties in liquid food processing, packaging and distribution. Also the leading group for food processing and packaging equipment in the world.

Tetra Laval is a Swiss-domiciled multinational corporation of Swedish origin, with headquarters in Pully, Switzerland.

NEWs: Tetra Laval Group is donating € 10 million towards COVID-19 relief efforts and also donate €?350,000 to Australian Bushfire Relief

GEA Group

GEA Group Established in 1881 and headquarter in Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen

Specialties in Air treatment, Aseptic packaging, Automatic feeding, Barn equipment, Cooling, Drying, Emission control, Freezing, Homogenizing, Liquid processing, Marination, Milking, Processing of Pharmaceuticals, Powder processing & handling, Separating, Slicing, Valves & pumps, Industrial refrigeration, and Sustainable energy solutions

GEA is one of the largest technology suppliers for food processing and a wide range of other industries. The global group specializes in machinery, plants, as well as process technology and components.

JBT Corporation

JBT Corporation established in 1894 and headquarter in Chicago, IL

Specialties in Automotive, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Packaging, etc

JBT Corporation is an American food processing machinery and airport equipment company. JBT Corporation was incorporated in 2008 when FMC Technologies divested its non-energy businesses.

Bucher Industries AG

Bucher Industries AG established in 1807 and based in Niederweningen, Zürich

Specialties in engineering, and mechanical engineering

Bucher is the European and Australian market leader in municipal vehicles for cleaning and clearing snow from public and private spaces and also a leading international manufacturer of custom-made hydraulic systems:


Makino Based in Mason, OH and specialties in Horizontal Machining Centers, Vertical Machining Centers, Wire EDMs, Sinker EDMs, 5-Axis Machining Centers, Cells and Systems, Engineering Services, and Grinding

Makino is a industry leader in machinery design and digital innovation and also are sold in 41 countries around the world and are widely recognized as the most advanced machining centers.

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