Top Business Process Management Companies to watch out for in 2023

Published Date : Apr 2023
Author : Pratibha Bhattacharjee
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Business process management is a structured practice comprising of different methods and strategies to monitor, measure, evaluate, and enhance business processes.

Some of the pioneering Business Process Management Companies are-

Pegasystems Inc.

Market Position or History

In 2021, Pegasystems Inc. announced the acquisition of, a cloud-based speech analytics and coaching tools provider.

Business overview and Strategy

The company was founded by Alan Trefler in the year 1983. Its headquarters are located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. It predominantly develops business process management and customer relationship management software for enterprises.

Pegasystems is envisioned at empowering organizations to improve their customer engagement and operational efficiency through the use of advanced technology and digital process automation. They aim to help businesses adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of the digital economy and enable them to deliver exceptional customer experiences while optimizing their operations for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


  • It has built strong relations with its consumer base.
  • It has a robust global presence.
  • It is committed to social responsibility and sustainability.
  • It is continuously involved in research & development activities.


  • It faces intense competition from other players.
  • It has limited expertise in certain sectors.
  • It is exposed to data privacy and cybersecurity risks.

Appian Corporation

Market Position or History

In August 2021, Appian announced the acquisition of Lana Labs, a process mining company with an aim to expand its portfolio in the BPM vertical.

Business Overview and Strategies

With is headquarters in Tysons, Virginia, United States, the company was established in 1999. Matt Calkins, Michael Beckley, Robert C Kramer, and Marc Wilson are the key founders of this firm. Appian Corporation predominantly develops a Platform as a Solution (PaaS) aimed at facilitating the development of building enterprise software applications.

Appian is envisioned at helping organizations embrace digital transformation and become more agile, innovative, and efficient in their operations.


  • It has an experienced leadership team.
  • It has been showcasing an excellent financial performance.
  • It has built strong partnerships with other companies.


  • Its solutions can be quite complexed for certain users.
  • It operates in a highly competitive business environment.


Market Position or History

In March 2021, Bizagi announced the acquisition of MuleSoft's CloudPlex IPaaS technology to enhance its integration capabilities and expand its offerings.

Business Overview and Strategy

Gustavo Gomez and Marcel Manser established this company in 1989. Its headquarters are located in London, United Kingdom. It has emerged as one of the prominent BPM companies in the world with over 350 global clients.  Big names like Adidas ad BAE Systems are some of its primary customers. These companies use the software designed by Bizagi to automate their business processes.

The company is envisioned at offering the best software solutions to its clients. It aims to help organizations overcome the challenges of digital transformation by providing a platform that enables agility, flexibility, and scalability in their processes.


  • The company offers a highly efficient and comprehensive digital business platform.
  • It provides excellent customer support including consulting, training, and support, to help customers get the most out of their digital transformation initiatives.
  • The company has a global presence, with offices in the United Kingdom, United States, Latin America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.
  • Its platform is cost effective.


  • Its digital platform can be quite complexed for some users.
  • It offers limited customization.
  • The platform depends on third-party integrations to provide some of its functionalities, leading to issues with compatibility and reliability.

Software AG

Market Position or History

In 2021, Software AG announced the acquisition of Alcero, a provider of operational intelligence solutions for the manufacturing industry. The acquisition helped Software AG to expand its analytics capabilities and offer customers a more comprehensive suite of real-time analytics solutions for manufacturing operations.

Business Overview and Strategy

Headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, the company was established in 1969. It is known for developing efficient software solutions for business process management, big data analytics, and integration. Some of the popular products offered by Software AG include webMethods, ARIS, Apama, Adabas, Cumulocity IoT, and Terracotta.

The primary goal of this company is to help its customers create a seamless and connected ecosystem of people, processes, and devices, enabling them to make better decisions and respond to changing business needs more quickly and efficiently.


  • It offers a comprehensive portfolio of enterprise software solutions, ranging from integration and API management to process management and analytics.
  • It has its operations in over 70 nations.
  • It has established strong partnerships with other industry leaders.
  • It serves a diverse customer base.


  • It faces intense competition from other enterprise software vendors, which could affect its market share and pricing power.
  • It has limited market share in some regions.
  • It has limited brand recognition as compared to other competitors.

BP Logix Inc.

Market Position or History

In September 2019, BP Logix was acquired by Finrock Growth Partners.

Business Overview and Strategy

Headquartered in Vista, California, United States, the firm was established in 1995. The enterprise was founded by Jay O’Brien and Joby O’Brien.  It is one of the emerging BPM companies in the world. The intelligent software developed by BP Logix is equipped with the ability to power digital transformation across businesses.

The company's vision is to empower organizations to transform their business processes by providing a platform that enables them to design, automate, and optimize their workflows. It strives to be a leader in the BPM market by providing innovative solutions that empower organizations.


  • It has a strong reputation in the industry.
  • It offers a comprehensive customer support system.
  • It has efficient management and technical teams.


  • It faces stiff competition from other players.
  • Its platform may be vulnerable to security risks, particularly if it is not properly configured or managed.
  • Its platform can be expensive for smaller organizations with limited budgets.


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