Vibration Monitoring Companies To Have a Great Impact During Pandemic

Published Date : Nov 2022
Author : Pratibha Bhattacharjee
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Vibration Monitoring involves collection of vibration data systematically, anessential advantage to trend a machine's vibration levels over time. It is viewed as the best form of forecast maintenance, as it enables a more precise assessment of fault severity to identify systematic problems.The machine generates a voltage signal with accelerometer attached to it and the amount of vibration and the frequency of vibration the machine produces equals to how many times per second or minute the vibration occurs.

Vibration Monitoring Market Key Segments:

By Component Type

Hardware, Software, Services

By Monitoring Process

Online, Portable

By End-User

Automotive, Chemical, Aerospace &Defense, Food & Beverages, Construction, Mining, Oil & Gas, Others

The data collected from the accelerometer goes directly into a data collector, which records the signal as either amplitude vs. time or amplitude vs. frequency or both. All of this data is analyzed by computer program algorithms, which in turn is analyzed by engineers or trained vibration analysts to determine the health of the machine and identify possible impending problems like looseness, unbalance, lubrication issues and more.

Advanced technology in wireless technology, has greatly improved how vibration analysts interpret, collect, and share data. Today, vibration analyzers are extremely portable, and communicate with smartphones and tablets in real time. Different vibration instrument companies develop their own apps to communicate with each other.

As with most advanced technology, the majority of vibration analysis data is automatically uploaded to the cloud and is available on your mobile device, computer or directly from your browser. This is especially useful if you're performing vibration analysis as a third-party consultant, so you can freely share spectra with your clients.

Brandessence Market Research has announced the Top 6 Vibration Monitoring Companies List In 2020



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NI (National Instruments)

At NI, we Engineer Ambitiously. We celebrate creative problem solving. And we take our customer relationships to heart.

We believe in the power and potential of making connections—between people, ideas, and technology. In fact, connection is central to everything we do. We constantly challenge ourselves to find those connections because that’s what creates a path forward. This means bringing the right people together to build solutions that make a difference. It means combining fresh perspectives with new technologies to turn your vision into reality.

For more than four decades, we’ve set the standard in automated test and automated measurement systems. We’re proud to partner with the talented engineers and enterprises using our systems to solve the world’s most pressing technology challenges and build better businesses. From data and automation to research and validation, our tailored, software-connected approach is rooted in helping you engineer what’s next. As your trusted partner, we’re committed to helping you set your goals higher and reach them sooner.

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Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company that invents and manufactures technologies to address tough challenges linked to global macrotrends such as safety, security, and energy. With approximately 110,000 employees worldwide, including more than 19,000 engineers and scientists, we have an unrelenting focus on quality, delivery, value, and technology in everything we make and do.


General Electric

GE drives the world forward by tackling its biggest challenges, bringing real progress and possibility to every corner of the planet —safely delivering people where they need to go; powering homes, schools, hospitals, and businesses; and offering more precise diagnostics and care when patients need it most.

After a century at the forefront of industrial manufacturing, GE is transforming its portfolio of businesses to continue that pioneering leadership in the new technological era. Our people are global, diverse and dedicated, operating with the highest integrity and passion to fulfill GE’s mission and deliver for our customers.


Rockwell Automation

At Rockwell Automation, we connect the imaginations of people with the potential of technology to expand what is humanly possible, making the world more intelligent, more connected and more productive.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life by making the world more productive and sustainable. We are committed to enabling the next generation of smart manufacturing. With the right strategy, talented people, and our substantial financial strength, we are dedicated to deliver value to our customers.

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What started with the invention of the self-aligning bearing in 1907 has now evolved into something much more! Our products enable rotation. Machinery, cars, airplane engines, even household products - anywhere there are parts that rotate, our solutions can be found!

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