Top 10 Silicon Wafer Manufacturers Operating in the Industry

Published Date : Jan 2023
Author : Pratibha Bhattacharjee
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The top 10 players influencing the trends of this marketplace are-

Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

Market Position or History

  • In May 2022, Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited (FSL) inked an agreement deal with T Capital Partners Co., Ltd. (TCAP) Under this agreement, FSL transferred nearly 70% of its total shares to TCAP.

Business Overview and Strategy

Established in 2008, Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited specializes in high performance LSI Products. The company has its headquarters in Kanagawa, Japan. It has nine subsidiaries under it that are spread over various nations. The firm has gained immense prominence due to the Ferroelectric Random-Access Memory wafer developed by it.

Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited aims to become the trusted partner to its consumers and therefore never compromises on product quality. It is a robust sales and development network which in turn has enabled it to solidify its global footprint.


Market Position or History

In July 2015, GlobalFoundries announced the acquisition of the Microelectric business owned by IBM. This will enable the company to enhance its offerings in various product sectors.

Business Overview and Strategy

GlobalFoundries, Inc. was established in 2009 after a spin off from the AMD. It has its headquarters in Malta, United States. It is known for manufacturing chips to accommodate the needs of industries such as consumer and industrial  IoT, automotive, mobility, along with computing and wired connectivity, among others.

The company aims to redefine semiconductor manufacturing by incorporating innovative technologies. It recently revamped its technology roadmap and invested a whopping amount of USD 1.4 billion to facilitate the same. The firm serves a diverse range of consumers across a variety of end markets.


Market Position or History

In June 2022, GlobalWafers announced its plans to build a new manufacturing facility in Texas. The plant will apparently be equipped with the ability to manufacture  300-millimetre silicon wafers. The firm is said to have invested nearly USD 5 billion to successfully build this manufacturing capacity in Texas, United States.

Business Overview and Strategy

Based in Hsinchu, Taiwan, Global Wafers was established in October 2011. Around 51% of its shares are owned by the Sino-American Silicon Products. It has emerged as the third largest supplier of silicon wafers across the globe.

The company is committed towards incorporating sustainable solutions for the manufacturing of semiconductor products. It focuses on quality, innovation, and consumer satisfactory. The silicon wafers developed by the company are widely adopted by prominent companies pertaining to industries such as automotive, electronic devices, and space applications, among others.

Shin Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Market Position or History

In 2019, Shin Etsu unveiled its range of Thermoset Ultra-low Dielectric Resin and Quartz Cloth for use in radar domes, electronic devices, antennas, and printed circuit boards, among others.

Business Overview and Strategy

Founded way back in 1926, Shin Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd is known for manufacturing high end photomask substrates, polyvinyl chloride, and semiconductor silicon. It is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and has a number of subsidiaries operating in various sectors and regions.

The company has always been keen to enhance its production technologies so as to provide the best products to its users. It also promotes sustainability by saving resources and taking adequate emission regulation measures.

Siltronic, Inc.

Market Position or History

In December 2020, Siltronic and GlobalWafers inked an agreement deal to jointly create a hind end ‘wafer producer’ that will successfully penetrate the global semiconductor industry.

Business Overview and Strategy

Established in 1968, Siltronic Inc. has its headquarters in Munich, Germany. It is one of the leading providers of wafers specially aimed at meeting the needs of the semiconductor industry. It is known for manufacturing silicon wafers that are made of hyperpure silicon.

The diameter of the silicon wafers produced by the firm range from 200 mm to 300 mm. Siltronic adopts a consumer centric approach and brings innovative transformations in its products accordingly.

SUMCO Corporation

Market Position or History

In October 2022, SUMCO Corporation announced its plans to boost up its production of advanced 300mm semiconductor wafers and intends to spend more than 10 billion yuan for the same.

Business Overview and Strategy

The company was established on July 30, 1999, in Tokyo, Japan. It was established as a result of a merger agreement between Sumitomo Metal Industries and Mitsubishi Materials Corporation. It is known for manufacturing high quality silicon wafers for the semiconductor sector.

The company aims to emerge as the world’s leading manufacturer of silicon wafers. For that, it has boosted up its R&D activities in the field. It strives to offer the best consumer experience and also focuses on environmental and economic sustainability.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSMC)

Market Position or History

In August 2022, TSMC announced its plans to manufacture ultra-advanced 3-nanometer (nm) chip to diversify its product portfolio.

Business Overview and Strategy

The company was founded in 1987 by Morris Change. It has its headquarters located in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan. It is four subsidiaries operating under it namely, JASM, WaferTech, SSMC, and TSMC Nanjing Company, Ltd.

TSMC has emerged as a noteworthy semiconductor contract manufacturing and design firm with its consumer base spread across the globe. The company has its focus on creating high quality sustainable products which ensure low energy consumption. Apart from that, it aims to use innovative technologies to solve various challenges faced by the mankind.

Elkem ASA

Market Position or History

In April 2020, Elkem ASA announced the acquisition of Basel Chemie to solidify its portfolio of downstream specialized silicones.

Business Overview and Strategy

Founded in 1904 by Sam Eyde, Elkem ASA is a leading producer of microsilica, silicon, ferrosilicon, and foundry alloys, among others. Its headquarters are located in Oslo, Norway.

The company combines renewable energy sources, human ingenuity, and natural raw materials to manufacture its products. It believes that materials can be produced without harming the environment. Overtime, it has successfully reduced its emission levels and contributed to the green planet movement. Elkem has been helping its customers to create and enhance essential entities in fields like personal care, mobility, health, and digital communications, among others while adhering to the use of eco-friendly means.

ASML Holding N.V.

Market Position or History

In July 2020, ASML announced the acquisition of the Berliner Glas Group with an aim to strengthen its market position.

Business Overview and Strategy

Headquartered in Eindhoven, Netherlands, ASML Holding was established in 1984. It is known for developing photolithography machines that are used to facilitate the production of computer chips. These have emerged as one of the leading chip-making equipment manufacturers.

It is worth noting that ASML is the sole company which manufactures extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV) machines which can make single advanced processor chips. The company focuses on five areas of sustainability which is helping it to earn a competitive edge in the marketplace.

KLA Corporation

Market Position and History

In February 2019, KLA Corporation announced the acquisition of Orbotech Ltd. with an aim to enhance its global footprint.

Business Overview and Strategy

The company was established in 1997 with its headquarters located in California, United States. It is a prominent supplier  of yield management and process control systems for the semiconductor industry. Some of its products include nanochemical testers, manufactured chips, compound semiconductors, manufactured chips, and reticle, among others.

KLA Corporation strives to provide high quality products to its consumer base. It aims to enhances the lives of the masses  through its high end technological interventions.



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