Nematicides Market Size, Upcoming Trends, Demand, Scope, Growth Factors, Top Key Companies, Segmentation, Industry Share By 2028

08 Aug 2022

Nematicides Market applies the most effective of each primary and secondary analysis to weighs upon the competitive landscape and also the outstanding market players expected to dominate Nematicides Market place for the forecast 2022– 2028. 

The global nematicides market has been growing in a tremendous manner because of the rapid levels of industrialization leading to reducing the arable soil and the fertile land for the agriculture. 

Scope of The Nematicides Market Report: 

The nematicides are kinds of pesticides which are used for the eradication of the highly prolific nematicides which are plant parasites and had led to the increase in demand in a lot of the industrial, agriculture and the other applications. In terms of the products, nematicides has been categorized into the carbamates, organophosphates and bio-nematicides. In terms of delivery, nematicides may be classified into mainly the contact and fumigants applicators and the integrated seed treatment that as of now is yet in its early stages of developments.  

These fumigants have generally been administered a lot of weeks before the actual plantation of crops and this is for the eradication of parasites which are existent in the air, soil and water. These fumigants have been applied just to the crops which have a high-value like fruits and vegetables because of the higher costs. The contact applicators have been sprayed on to the crops directly once they have been planned into soil. A lot of the market opportunities have arisen because of the bio-fuel technology which have been developed for the supporting of the market growth. Highest potential though lies in the market of bio-nematicides because of their eco-friendliness as well as sustainability. 

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Nematicides Manufacturers: 

The major players in global nematicides market include, 

  • Valent 
  • Syngenta AG 
  • Adama Agriculture solutions 
  • FMC Corporation 
  • Monsanto 
  • BASF SE. 

Nematicides Market Key Segments: 

By type: 

  • Fumigants 
  • Organophosphates 
  • Carbamates 
  • Bionematicides 
  • Others 

By crop type: 

  • Field crops 
  • Fruits & nuts 
  • Vegetables 
  • Others 

By Form: 

  • Granular 
  • Liquid 
  • By Mode of Application: 
  • Fumigation 
  • Soil dressing 
  • Drenching 
  • Seed treatment 
  • By Nematode Type: 
  • Root-knot nematode 
  • Cyst 
  • Others 

By Region 

North America 

  • U.S. 
  • Canada 


  • Germany 
  • France 
  • U.K. 
  • Italy 
  • Spain 
  • Sweden 
  • Netherland 
  • Turkey 
  • Switzerland 
  • Belgium 
  • Rest of Europe 


  • South Korea 
  • Japan 
  • China 
  • India 
  • Australia 
  • Philippines 
  • Singapore 
  • Malaysia 
  • Thailand 
  • Indonesia 
  • Rest Of APAC 

Latin America 

  • Mexico 
  • Colombia 
  • Brazil 
  • Argentina 
  • Peru 
  • Rest of South America 

Middle East and Africa 

  • Saudi Arabia 
  • UAE 
  • Egypt 
  • South Africa 
  • Rest Of MEA 

Rise in Concerns Regarding Pesticides Restricting The Global Nematicides Market 

The concerns with regard to the bad effects of the pesticides and the associated perceptions of the environment as a whole and health degradation are hampering the growth of the global nematicides market. There are a lot of regulations which have been imposed by the agencies related to the environment and health which are anticipated to be a bigger hindrance in the development of the global nematicides market as a whole. The increase in the development of the transgenic crops has been expected to also impact the global nematicides market negatively in the period of forecast. 

The decrease in arable and fertile land has been leading inversely to the increase in the crops demand which are high yielding for the meeting of global requirements of food. This very factor has been considerably boosting the demand of nematicides for the increase of the crop protection and improvement in quality yield from the limited crops. Governments have been supporting an encouraging the developments of bio-nematicides as the alternative to the conventional synthetic pesticides and also has fostered this global growth of the market. The reduction of the human hazards of health and the environmental boost it gives the world is going to propel the market over the period of forecast. Increase in the spending of the capacity of the consumers, as well as the demand of the quality food, has been anticipating for the fueling of the global market of nematicides. 

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North America To See Maximum Growth In The Market  

The region of North America has emerged to be the biggest market in the region when it comes to the consumption of the growing demand of food and the decline in the arable lands here is adding to the growth in the market.

The second major global nematicides market was Europe until there were government regulations imposed which have now come in the way of the market’s development in this region.

There are regions in Asia Pacific that are also showing a lot of opportunities in the global nematicides market in the next few years. This is because of the decrease in land for agriculture and the rise in the industrial population. 

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